Novak Ballistic Racing Brushless Motor (6.5T)

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This is the Novak Ballistic Racing Brushless Motor (6.5T). The Ballistic Brushless Motor series is the result of many years of developing and manufacturing sensored brushless motors, and includes many new features to prove it. This next-generation motor series contains a new, easy-to-adjust timing assembly that alters the RPM range, and includes heavy-duty solder tabs that are strong enough to endure repeated soldering and tough crashes. These sensored motors also sport a newly designed exterior with sleek, black end bells and a reconfigured rear end bell that fits more easily into racing vehicles. And like all Novak racing motors, these brushless motors are blisteringly fast, reaching speeds that will effortlessly satisfy any racer or basher.

But the innovations don’t end there. The Ballistic motors’ original design defines versatility by featuring interchangeable wound stator construction. By unscrewing the main screws, the motors’ solder tab and sensor assemblies can be easily removed to leave only the stator, which can be replaced with additional motor wind options. Moreover, the sensor assembly can be replaced if needed upon crash or unknown damage. The Ballistic motors also boast a removable shielded sensor harness, which ensures a long-racing life. To account for different size vehicles, Novak’s removable sensor harness comes in three different lengths – 9”, 6” and 4” – allowing for multiple installation options. The motor is also equipped with a custom-silicone gasket seal to keep dirt and debris from damaging the motor’s sensor plug.

Each Ballistic motor is also equipped with a 12.3mm nickel-plated sintered Neodymium rotor for maximum motor acceleration, braking power and performance in high-temperature conditions, and Thermal Overload technology to ensure the motor is operating at a safe temperature. The motors also feature a completely rebuildable design, allowing for the ability to upgrade or replace various motor parts.

All six Ballistic motors are compatible with Novak’s GTB Programmable Racing Brushless/Brush ESC, the SLYDR Brushless ESC and other racing brushless sensored speed controls. The Ballistic Brushless Motor 8.5T is also compatible with the Havoc 3S Brushless/Brush ESC. Combined, the Ballistic motors and Novak’s programmable speed controls create high-performance machines for world-class racing.

Like all Novak brushless motors, the Ballistic Brushless Motors are designed, tested and built at the Novak facility in Irvine, Calif. Each motor stator is hand-wound for maximum copper fill, and each motor is individually tested for consistency. The motors are also tuned to the same factory timing, run under a simulated load, and visually inspected, packaged and weighed to ensure the best product is sent to customers.

  • Sensor-based for excellent torque and low-speed driveability
  • Oversized front bearing [1/2” x 3/16” (12.7 x 4.8mm)] for increased load handling and bearing life
  • Rebuildable design with removable shielded sensor harness, sensor assembly, wound stator, sleeve and both end bells
  • Nickel-plated, 12.3mm sintered Neodymium rotor with a 0.125” pinion shaft that accepts all existing pinion gears
  • Adjustable timing to help retain previous user settings
  • Meets ROAR and IFMAR specifications
  • Meets RoHS compliance and includes 120-Day Warranty

Ballistic Motors 3.5T 4.5T 5.5T 6.5T 7.5T 8.5T
Part Number NOV3603 NOV3604 NOV3605 NOV3606 NOV3607 NOV3608
Watts 620 530 420 390 340 280
kV (unloaded) 10,500 RPM/Volt 9,500 RPM/Volt 7,400 RPM/Volt 6,400 RPM/Volt 5,800 RPM/Volt 5,000 RPM/Volt
Sensor Harness 4" (100mm) 4" (100mm) 9" (230mm) 9" (230mm) 9" (230mm) 9" (230mm)
Motor Size 2.07" x 1.41" (52.6 x 35.8mm) 2.07" x 1.41" (52.6 x 35.8mm) 2.07" x 1.41" (52.6 x 35.8mm) 2.07" x 1.41" (52.6 x 35.8mm) 2.07" x 1.41" (52.6 x 35.8mm) 2.07" x 1.41" (52.6 x 35.8mm)
Motor Weight 6.6oz.(187.0g) 6.6oz.(187.0g) 6.6oz.(187.0g) 6.6oz.(187.0g) 6.6oz.(187.0g) 6.6oz.(187.0g)
Magnetic Material Operating Temp. 392° F (200° C) 392° F (200° C) 392° F (200° C) 392° F (200° C) 392° F (200° C) 392° F (200° C)
Recommended Use On-Road High Traction Off-Road High Traction / 4WD / On-Road Low Traction Off-Road High Traction / General On Road Off-Road Medium Traction / Basher Off-Road Medium Traction / Basher Slippery Track Conditions / Basher

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Verified Owner
Sunday, May 22 2011 (about 6 years ago)
Novak Ballistic Racing Brushless Motor (6.5T)
I own this motor and use it in my Factory Team T4.1 with a Novak GTB 2 esc. First of all, I love the design. The motor is very easy to take apart and everything is replaceable. In addition, if I ever wanted to change winds all I would have to do is buy a replacement stator in the wind of my choice. I also love the heavy duty soldering tabs, makes soldering easier and the joints are rock solid.

The 6.5t is very fast in my T4.1, even with my Reedy Life battery (6.6 volts). Torque is good, not what I would call over the top but more than enough to get the job done. I love the sensored design, the motor (paired with my GTB 2) is very smooth and responsive. As a note, I am using an Airtronics MX3X radio system and have experienced no glitches or malfuncitons. I am using 20/87 gearing and my motor tops out at around 124 degrees after hard runs. Runtime is good with my Reedy Life 4000 pack, about 15-20 minutes. I am not sure if I would really want anything more powerful than a 6.5t, any faster and it would be difficult to drive. In addition, I think the 6.5t offers a very nice balance of power and runtime.)