Novak Ballistic 8 Sensored 1/8 Scale Brushless Motor (1.5Y/1,950kV)

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This is the Novak Ballistic 8, 1.5Y, 1,950kV Sensored Brushless Motor. The Ballistic 8 is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of today’s 1/8 racing arena. Novak listened to top-level racers to produce the most rugged, feature-rich motor available. The Ballistic 8 includes adjustable motor timing, an inter-changeable wound-stator design, and is built to ROAR specifications. It is a perfect fit for most 1/8 scale buggies, truggies and monster trucks.

Detailed Features:
  • NOVAK-DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGY: The first question anyone will ask is "What sets the Novak Ballistic 8 apart from the other brands?" Novak Electronics has been designing and manufacturing products in the USA using the best components and manufacturing processes from around the world since 1978, and sensored brushless motors since 2002—longer than any other manufacturer in the RC car market. Developing the Ballistic 8 started from the ground up at the Novak headquarters in Irvine, California. Each motor is hand-wound and is put through stringent tests to ensure the highest quality. Two motor winds are available:
  • PERFECTLY BALANCED ROTOR: For years, motor builders have struggled to keep their balancing weights on the motors. 1/8 scale motors operate at extremely high RPM, so adding weights to balance can become problematic. Novak’s Ballistic 8 rotor sets itself apart from the other brands in that it is drill balanced, which removes material. The fact that no epoxy weights are added to the rotor means trouble-free operation since it is virtually impossible for your motor to become out of balance. For further reliability, Novak uses four, high-strength Neodymium magnetic segments. These segments are secured not only with high-strength epoxy, but are also precisely located with machined guides that are keyed to the shaft to ensure exact magnetic alignment and prevent the magnets from slipping on the shaft. As a final step, each rotor is given a complete Kevlar wrap and rolled in epoxy to make certain no harm can come to the rotor during operation.
  • COMPLETELY REBUILDABLE DESIGN: 1/8 scale electric racing is one of the premier classes of off-road racing today. Having the option to fix any and every aspect of your equipment while at the track is crucial to a successful race weekend. Novak was the first to offer a completely serviceable, rebuildable brushless motor with the original Ballistic 540 and 550 motors, and is extremely pleased to bring this must-have feature to electric 1/8 racing. Every component or assembly of the motor can be purchased separately. The wound stator can even be interchanged to experiment with a different kV winds.
  • MORE FEATURES: One of the unique features of the Ballistic 8 is its adjustable mechanical motor timing. Simply loosen the three timing screws on the back end bell and rotate to the desired timing. Once the timing is set, the rear bearing cover can be removed by simply taking out two of the timing screws. This allows removal of the user-replaceable sensor harness and inspection of the rear bearing without altering the timing, and locks the sensor harness in place during normal operation. For problem-free and easy soldering to the ESC, the Ballistic 8 features widely-spaced solder tabs. Each rugged tab is spaced 35 degrees and is made from extremely heavy-gauge, low-loss copper. Finishing out its rugged design is its 5mm output shaft that is hardened for extra durability.
Features at a Glance:
  • Sensor-based for excellent torque control and low-speed driveability
  • Compatible with both sensored and sensorless speed controls
  • 100% rebuildable design with removable shielded sensor harness, sensor assembly, wound stator, rotor, sleeve, hardware, bearing caps, and front bearing
  • Designed to meet all ROAR 1/8 motor specifications (ROAR Approval coming soon!)
  • Adjustable mechanical motor timing
  • Nickel-plated, 4-pole, Sintered Neodymium rotor with a hardened 5mm output shaft that is Kevlar-wrapped and epoxied for maximum performance
  • Drill-balanced rotor for the best performance and consistency—rotor always stays in balance
  • Epoxy-dipped, 12-slot, hand-wound stator for maximum reliability and heat dissipation
  • Oversized, flanged ABEC-5 front and rear bearings for increased load handling and bearing life
  • Locked in, replaceable sensor harness
  • Widely-spaced (35 deg), extremely heavy-duty solder tabs for easy wiring connection to ESC
  • Multiple bolt patterns and sizes allow for compatibility with all popular 1:8 vehicles
  • Full-length screw design to ensure for maximum ruggedness
  • Black anodized sleeve with ribbed heat sink design to help dissipate heat
  • Meets RoHS compliance and includes 120-day warranty
  • Designed, hand wound and dyno-tested by Novak in Irvine, Calif., using globally-sourced components
1.5-turn Wye-wound
Motor Weight: 12.7 oz.
Input Voltage: 2S-4S Li-Po
Kv (unloaded): 1,950
Resistance (mΩ): 6.5
Motor Size: 1514 Size: 2.80”L x 1.71”D with fins (71x43.5mm)
Output Shaft: 5mm diameter x 18mm length w/flat
Rotor Diameter: 16mm
Design: Sensor-based
Magnet: 4-pole, Sintered Neodymium
Bearing: Oversized, flanged ABEC-5
Mounting Holes: M3X0.5 (on 25mmØ), M4X0.7 (on 25mm & 29mmØ)

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Bill Gray
Friday, Jan 10 2014 (about 3 years ago)
Novak Ballistic 8 Sensored 1/8 Scale Brushless Motor (1.5Y/1,950kV)
This is a great motor!

It is a bit expensive, but it is built excellently well. I have used a bunch of different motors (Orion, Red Leopard, various Chinese brands) and I have found the novak design to be worlds apart. For me the features that make this motor so so much better than the others are 1) The fact that the motor is 100% rebuildable and 2) the precision balanced rotor.

Easily Modifiable!
I like to tweek on my motor for best performance. The Novak Ballistic is designed from the ground up so that I can get in there, make modifications, and reassemble without screwing anything up. It all goes back together easy, straight, and tight. Want to swap in Ceramic Hybrid bearings (if you haven't, you really should!)? Easy Peasy. Want to swap in a bomber hall effect sensor (if you haven't you really should!). Easy Peasy.

None of the other motors I have worked with are nearly as easy to work with. On most motors it is very difficult to reassemble and end up with a motor that is exceeds original specs. Either you run them factory or they aren't worth running. The excellent rebuild-ability is a huge fantastic feature for me!!!

Have you ever over heated a motor and lost the magnetism on the rotor? If not, you aren't getting everything you can out of your motor. With the Novak Ballistic 1/8 I can just swap in a new perfectly balanced rotor and be back on the track in 5 minutes!

Smooth running precision balance
The rotor construction is really great. The motor spins so much smoother than any of the other motors I've worked with. Make no mistake, all that vibration coming off your cheap motor is sapping your power heating up your shocks and reducing your top speed, drive time, and acceleration!

For someone who is really looking to win races this is a great motor. I will never go back. On the other hand, if you just want to run with the pack and have a good time at a low price, many other motor will do the trick.

I love this motor. Go Team Novak!)
Matt Gorrell
Sunday, Sep 8 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Novak Ballistic 8 Sensored 1/8 Scale Brushless Motor (1.5Y/1,950kV)
When the motor runs it's amazingly smooth and strong but I have had two motors go bad ( one sensor board and the other was a seized rear bearing ) without even making a full race day!! I really hope Novak is working on a new design or planning to fix the issues with these motors because the Ballistic 1/8 ESC is amazing when paired with the Novak motor compared to everything else out and it would be great to be able to run full Novak gear. And if Novak is "watching" make the motor lighter!!! :))
Full throttle
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jul 23 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Novak Ballistic 8 Sensored 1/8 Scale Brushless Motor (1.5Y/1,950kV)
This is a waste of money . Bad job Novak. Do not buy motor)
Dennis Pearman
Wednesday, Mar 14 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Novak Ballistic 8 Sensored 1/8 Scale Brushless Motor (1.5Y/1,950kV)
That is y no one at our track owns one because it so expensive, an are they both buggy motors, were looking for motors with longer cans like truckies motors with more torque., motors like 4082 or 4092, more torque bigger pinions.)
Manuel Enriquez
Friday, Oct 7 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Novak Ballistic 8 Sensored 1/8 Scale Brushless Motor (1.5Y/1,950kV)
Does anybody know why this motor is so expensive??)