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Marco Monteiro
Verified Owner
Sunday, Feb 24 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Mugen Seiki Snap Ring Pliers
The quality of this plier is horrible. Mugen should be ashamed to put their name on a 2 dollars plier like this... by the way there is nothing of Mugen in it other than a small and pale sticker behind the product packing. It is clear that the product is not even marked as Mugen but just a bad ordinary plier.The finishing is worse than those you buy in the supermarket. The plier’s grip is very thin and of very poor quality. The plier was probably machined in those very old mills because the aspect of the machining is ugly and rough. The plier comes with oil all over the grips, tips and even the packing because they know the material is of poor quality so the thing will rust very quickly… Last but not least the price is extremely high for what you get. I could have bought same plier in any Chinese tool shop for 2-3 bucks and maybe of even better quality. Do not recommend this plier at all. Mugen tools no more, they are overpriced OEM low standard tools, what a shame.