Mugen Seiki MGT7 ECO 1/8 GT Electric On-Road Touring Car Kit

Mugen Seiki
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This is the Mugen Seiki MGT7E 1/8 Scale Electric On-Road Touring Car Kit. Based off the World Championship MBX7 Nitro Buggy platform, The MGT7E incorporates the World Championship pedigree with updated parts to make this machine full fledged race ready GT on-road car.

Starting at the towers, the MGT7E features front and rear shock towers that have been optimized for 16mm shock tuning to provide traction and smooth handling on asphalt. The durable front and rear gear differentials will handle the high-power electric motor of your choosing, while keeping the MGT7E under full control. The drivetrain is also very efficient with CVA’s driveshafts found throughout the kit. The combination of the high quality differentials and super efficient drivetrain allows the MGT7E to carry high speeds on the straights and through the corners with authority.

To allow you to use the body style of your choosing, Mugen has incorporated specially designed front and rear body mounts, with full adjustability, to provide the freedom of using most any body shell. Under the body up front, a large plastic bumper with foam protector helps keep the front of the body tucking during hard impacts. To the sides, tough side guards keep the internals protected the rigors of competitive racing. 

To accommodate the electric side of the MGT7E, Mugen has equipped it with a specially designed battery tray that will accept two 2S LiPo batteries in a staggered mounting position for optimum weight distribution, or a single 4S Lipo battery if so choose. The updated sliding motor mount allows you can run higher KV electric motors without worrying about flex, gear mess problems or being under-powered. To keep the motor mount securely anchored down, 4mm screws are used for extra strength and security. Mugen also offers optional pinion and spur gears to fine-tune your MGT7E for maximum performance in nearly any track condition.

As many racers worldwide know, Mugen uses only the best components for their off- and on-road vehicles with the goal of creating the ultimate race vehicle. So trust me, you won't be disappointed...


  • Straight cut 13T bevel gear and 44T conical gears
  • Front/Rear 16mm hard anodized threaded shocks with 3.5 shocks shafts
  • Specially designed front/rear shock springs
  • 3mm A7075 aluminum chassis
  • 4mm A7075 aluminum front/rear shock towers
  • 5mm A7075 aluminum lower suspension mounts for optimized geometry
  • A7075 aluminum motor mount housing A
  • A7075 aluminum motor mount B
  • Specially designed front/rear body mounts
  • Redesigned front bumper and foam protector
  • 18T pinion & 44T spur gear combination

Width: 305mm
Weight: Approx. 3300g (without battery)
Gear ratio: 8.27
Wheelbase: 325mm

Needed To Complete:
  • 2-Channel Radio System
  • (2) 2S LiPo batteries or (1) 4S LiPo battery
  • Compatible battery charger
  • Motor
  • Electronic Speed Control
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Body & Polycarbonate Paint
    Recommended Body: MUGE1062 or MUGE1063

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Saturday, Dec 19 2015 (about 2 years ago)
Mugen Seiki MGT7 ECO 1/8 GT Electric On-Road Touring Car Kit
I could have given 5 stars, however, I had a very bad experience with Mugen when I needed a reply from the company. This car came from MBX7 eco platform. They basically introduced new towers and shockers to make it a GT car. The problem is that MBX7 is an offroad car and rely on torque instead of high speeds. It seems Mugen has not thought about it at first and shipped the car with a motor mount that would allow only 18T pinions. In my opinion, it was a naive design flaw that Mugen avoids to recognize. They've recently modified the motor mount and now the GTe uses the same part as MBX7t, however, the first owners (included myself) will now have to buy this new part and update their cars to use higher gearing relations. Moreover, this kit is far from being a cheap GT kit. In fact, it's the most expensive one and this "fix" will cost, for owners of the older version, about 10% of the car. I've contacted Mugen USA and the reply was completely harsh and arrogant. They have not recognized as a design flaw and limited themselves to say that "they know exactly what is best for the cars they produce". Ok... so, they could try to explain why they've changed the motor mount in the newer kits. Total lack of respect with their clients.

Mugen, nevermore!
Monday, Aug 24 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Mugen Seiki MGT7 ECO 1/8 GT Electric On-Road Touring Car Kit
I've been running my MGT7 eco for 4 weekends on my local track (AARCN - Niterói, Brazil).
The car is amazing! Superb handling, great durability, and for my track and style, the setup suggested in the manual worked great.
I chose to run a Hobbywing 150A and 2200kv motor in it, and I needed a little more top speed for the longest straight of my track, so I switched to a 2450kv motor.
Be careful to choose a motor to power your MGT7 eco, because gearing options are somewhat limited. The included 18T pinion and 44T spur are basically the highest gearing for the car.
So far, I am loving my ride and basically addicted to 1/8 GT-e!
Michael Tempel
Thursday, Dec 6 2018 (1 week ago)
Mugen Seiki MGT7 ECO 1/8 GT Electric On-Road Touring Car Kit
I’m looking to purchase this car does anybody know where I can get it brand new