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Matthias Urankar
Verified Owner
Saturday, Mar 16 2013 (about 3 years ago)
MSHeli Mini Protos 450 Carbon Kit (BareBones)
I have had this kit since November of 2012. I have put many batteries through it now and I have to say it is one tough bird. Now this is not to say it will survive a crash. My setup as of now is the MSH 2590Kv motor, Cyclic: Savox SH-0257MG, Tail: Savaox: SAV-SH-1257MG, Gyro: JR G270 3D, ESC: Scorpion Commander V3 45 Amp. Now I have found one misleading thing with this kit, you cant use just any 35xx kv 450 sized motor, it will not work more on this later. Building the Protos mini is for someone who knows what they are doing. I would not recommend this as a first build, maybe a second if you have lots of rebuilds under your belt. Even though it's not overly complicated you will need to pay attention to details or you will be stripping down completed work an starting over. There are some other things that you will need to work around such as the linkage rod ends, these things are really tough to start if you don't open the hole just ever so slightly. To much and the end will come off so be warned. Once I started the tail assembly the kit really started moving along. You will need to pay attention to which way the belt needs to twist prior to assembly. For my electrics; since they go in as you build they should be rather straight forward. My ESC was not intended for this kit so it does not fit in the battery tray as recommend. At first I had it in the air frame and noticed a COG issue so then I moved it to the right side air frame in the nose area. I really want the MSH ESC so it can go in the battery try. The motor itself is a 2590kv motor with a smaller output shaft. This is critical for the motor pinion which is also the one way bearing. MSH made the main gear a 120T which requires a small motor kv. Please head this so that you will not have to jump through hoops to get your head speed down. For the motor, ESC and battery I recommend starting out on the 4S configuration so you have the power to get into light 3D and 6S setup for hard 3D. Popular pinion size is the 15T even though you can go up to 18T. Was impressed with the quality over all, had spare parts in the bags (not a lot just some). I like the FBL option in the box just need to add your own FBL gyro. This bird is way more than hover practice. You will enjoy it if you fly sport or 3D and even though I am still learning I am learning faster simply so I can fly the snot out of it. I would not hesitate on this kit at all it is stellar.