MIP Pro4-Mance SCTE Chassis & Tuning Kit

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This is the optional MIP Pro4-Mance Chassis & Tuning Kit, and is intended for use with the Losi TEN-SCTE short course truck. The Pro4mance package is more than just a chassis replacement. Itís a complete SCTE transformation, developed and tuned by the MIP engineering team. This kit converts the Losi SCTE into a pure performance tuned race truck, and shaves off nearly 8 ounces of weight while at the same time re-balancing the truck to provide an incredibly stable and smooth drive. This was done by developing a re-engineered paintable chassis and cowling, shock towers, front springs and the MIP Bypass1 pistons and valves. Plus, each component in the assembly is manufactured in America using the finest US grade materials. When your Losi Ten-SCTE hits the track outfitted with the MIP Pro4mance Kit, including the patent-pending RealShocks MIP Bypass1 shock pistons, you will find your SCTE is tuned for maximum performance and control! Donít settle for a replacement chassis, get an MIP Pro4mance kit and own perfection.

The MIP Pro4-mance Package Chassis is machined locally from USA 7075 aircraft aluminum, powder-coated for a clean high-tech look, and is paintable. The configuration offers more than just rearward battery and motor positioning - MIP engineers built the specific tuning nuances of your Losi Ten-SCTE right into the streamlined chassis design that re-balances the weight bias front-to-rear and reconfigures the overall balance left-to-right.

MIP brings fun and function under the hood with the new protective dirt-shielding Lexanģ polycarbonate cowling to cover the front and gear area. Shipped clear, ready to paint, skin, airbrush, and decal.

MIP Bypass1 RealShocks Pistons inside prevents packing and allows racers infinite driver set-ups for maximum traction and control. Change your piston, change your ride!

Custom Hybrid Carbon-Fiber MIP Shock Towers provide proper mechanical use of shock and spring to give the truck stability while controlling suspension motion.

MIP has developed a spring package to match the MIP Pro4-mance Package for the Losi Ten-SCTE. These springs are custom coiled to the exact length and rate. Each kit comes with 3 sets of front springs - soft, med, and firm, allowing racers to adjust the set-up perfectly for any track condition.

MIP has re-engineered the steering linkage with real Du-Bro Rod Ends and genuine Lunsford Turnbuckles. Our combination of quality USA-made steering components and hardware allow full suspension and movement in steering without binding.

The MIP Pack Pal is made of ultra-thin closed cell foam pad to secure your battery.

Light-weight Battery Blocks of Custom Color-Anodized aluminum position your standard 2 cell pack with stock Velcro straps.

Featuring Custom Color-Anodized aircraft aluminum, MIP Braces add strength and style without compromising weight.

Custom Color-Anodized MIP Steering Posts of aluminum are included to reconfigure the truck's balance and shave weight.

One piece of Double-Sided MIP Servo Tape included! MIP MXT-1 Tape bonds like glue, yet peels off in one piece with one pull and leaves no residue behind.


  • 7075 U.S. machined chassis; 12% lighter than the stock chassis!
  • Powder coated chassis to bring color and life to your vehicle!
  • Re-configured Center-Diff, Battery Tray, ESC, & Servo for superb vehicle balance!
  • Light weight Battery Blocks and Pocketed chassis for better traction & stability!
  • MIP High-Pitch Tuned Front Shock Springs! Comes with 3 different rates!
  • MIP Carbon-Fiber Hybrid Graphite Tuned Shock Towers provide proper mechanical use of shock and spring to give the truck stability while controlling suspension motion!
  • MIP's Patent-Pending Bypass1 Technology included!
  • Dubro & Lunsford Steering components allow full 1.8 travel of suspension without binding!
  • Billet Servo Mounts provide a more solid installation lower in the chassis!
  • MIP Cowling provides excellent protection for your center diff as well as your electronics! It can also be painted and stickered!
  • All necessary hardware included for a 1-stop shop to performance!
  • 100% Quality made in the USA!
21.34 inch (524mm)
Width: 11.65 inch (295.8mm)
Wheelbase: 13.15 inch (3.06 kg)
Stock Weight: 6.75 lb (3.06 kg)

Needed to Complete:
You will need a Losi Ten-SCTE 1:10 Scale Electric 4wd Short Course Truck Chassis with body, wheels, tires, shocks. Plus separate purchase of Electronic Speed Control, Motor, Charger, Servo, Mod 1 Pinion Gear, 2-Channel Radio, servo tape, tools for assembly (small flat blade and Phillips screwdrivers, Needle-nose Pliers).  You will also need quality .050-inch, 1/16-inch, 5/64-inch, 3/32-inch, 1.5mm, and 2.5mm hex (Allen) drivers.

This product was added to our catalog on July 13, 2012.

Monday, Oct 8 2012 (about 5 years ago)
MIP Pro4-Mance SCTE Chassis & Tuning Kit
Installed the chassis last week and tested on friday. What a difference the chassis makes. The trucks is so much lighter and rotates so much better. Worth the money 100%.)
Jason Carroll
Verified Owner
Monday, Jun 9 2014 (about 3 years ago)
MIP Pro4-Mance SCTE Chassis & Tuning Kit
I had a 1.0 chassis and needed to upgrade it so it was this MIP or losi 2.0 chassis, i went with the MIP. Well ive raced it 4 times now with each day having 3-4 races, i hate it. All of the weight is in the back which makes it do several things i dont like, it jumps nose up most of the time and catches air in the front making the nose go even higher, of course all the weight in the back makes it worst, it comes down and all the weight in the back makes the chassis slap the ground hard(hardest losi springs w/40wt) in turn making the front slap down, then the front bounces up of the ground!(med spring MIP kit with 45wt). Also when the weight is in the back it causes the car to push bad, everyone is out steering me, im a top 3 driver in every race ive ever raced until i got this losi/MIP kit. The chassis has a TON of flex, it unnerving really, the center diff came completely loose due to flex and i lost 2 screws, i locktighted the heck out of it and still caught it coming loose. Another thing that annoys me is with weight in the rear you have to keep the back end from sliding out otherwise all the weight back there is hard to get back straight and its unpredictable. I'm really bummed i spent all that money on this truck just to make a loser. Got beat bad by a tekno, probly going that route next.)
Maxim Izmaylov
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 27 2014 (about 3 years ago)
MIP Pro4-Mance SCTE Chassis & Tuning Kit
Did I like this kit - yeah, OK. Definitely need to reduce the weight of the model and this whale best of which is now on the market. Balancing weights are part quality is also good.
ut in this set, I don't put details and to my letters manufacturer is still not responding. So I put a low rating.)
Monday, Oct 29 2012 (about 4 years ago)
MIP Pro4-Mance SCTE Chassis & Tuning Kit
IMO this kit doesnt work well on blown rough outdoor track. The chassis and everything is very well built. Just the shock towers and bypass pistons dont work well for myself and my driving style. Still highly recommend this over stock but the pistons and towers may not work well for your application as it did not for mine. I also cracked the rear tower aswell after only owning for 1 month, I'll chalk that up to driver error but the towers are really thin compared to the competitions. This kit is 100% geared more towards indoor clay or smooth clay tracks.)
Thursday, Nov 28 2013 (about 3 years ago)
MIP Pro4-Mance SCTE Chassis & Tuning Kit
Just awesome , Huge difference to the SCTE after upgrading to this - Lightened it up and increased steering and as well as stability - Easy to install ( except the turnbuckles ) - A must have if you own a SCTE)
robert bentley
Thursday, Jun 27 2013 (about 4 years ago)
MIP Pro4-Mance SCTE Chassis & Tuning Kit
This is a very good hop up kit for the losi ten scte i just think the shocks are trash but all and all this is a very good kit!!!)
Dalton Baker
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Apr 30 2013 (about 4 years ago)
MIP Pro4-Mance SCTE Chassis & Tuning Kit
This is an awesome kit. I was able to install this in less than an hour, including the removing of the original parts, but not re oiling the shocks. It goes together easily and it looks great. The track i run on is hard packed with great traction when wet, but when dry, the handling is a bit of a wash compared to stock. The shock towers are great for being Carbon Fiber, but they are thinner than aluminum and they do exhibit a hint of flex and it does have me worried a bit. My track has large jumps, and if yours does too, i recommend putting the stiffest included springs in the rear instead of the stock, or just add thicker oil than MIP recommends. My supply is limited so I used a makeshift stiffener. Overall, great kit. I highly advise you to get this if you've had your eye on it.)
Tyler Williams
Verified Owner
Sunday, Oct 21 2012 (about 5 years ago)
MIP Pro4-Mance SCTE Chassis & Tuning Kit
Installing this kit was a breeze, & the looks are awesome. Tested Saturday what a difference it makes. Will definitely build another MIP scte soon. Worth the money 100%)