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Coy G
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Nov 26 2014 (about a year ago)
M2C Racing Delrin Shock Piston Set (8x1.3 Hole)
I will start by saying that these are NOT tapered pistons. For the price, I would expect nothing short of a quality, tapered and high performance piston. Second, when I opened the package I noticed there was a very small drill bit included. I found it kinda weird until I read the included instructions/recommendations. The drill bit is to clean the holes out from the debris from manufacturing. I was completely unimpressed at this point, but pressed on after cleaning up for QA at M2C. I got the four shafts put together and started the shock build when I couldn't install two of the four pistons. 50% failure on the fit. I first thought I had somehow damaged the two shock bodies that wouldn't fit. Not so good, the two larger pistons would't fit in any one of the shock bodies. I verified by testing all the other pistons in all of the bodies. In closing, I hope this review gets read by anyone even considering purchasing these. The craftsmanship vs. price make these an absolute disaster.