Lynx Heli Blade 130 X "Stretch" Upgrade Super Combo Kit (Red)

Lynx Heli
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This is an optional Lynx Heli Blade 130 X "Stretch" Upgrade Super Combo Kit. The Lynx 130 X stretch kit includes 150mm Main Blades and a 195mm T.B.S. tail boom system (20mm longer than standard) to dramatically improve the flight performance of the 130 X. The super combo adds the EOX-1101 brushless motor and reinforced 3mm 116T CNC Main Gear and Aluminum Hub to the mix for an all inclusive package that will completely transform your 130 X!

The Lynx 130 X Stretch Kit starts with the revolutionary Lynx T.B.S. (Torque Bearing Support) System. The T.B.S tail boom replaces the standard 130 X tail boom and supports the torque shaft with a bearing to help eliminate vibration. Vibration caused by the torque shaft reduces efficiency and flight precision because energy is lost, affecting the precision of the FBL system. The Lynx T.B.S tail boom is a combination of a square OEM Carbon Fiber boom with high tensile stress aluminum tubing that houses a radial bearing and other components. The parts are assembled using a special Loctite brand adhesive that delivers a secure bond between the parts. Combine the T.B.S. tail boom with the included Lynx 150mm Bullet AND 3D blades and you have the perfect combination for either fast flight, or 3D performance.

The EOX-1101 motor is designed specifically for the 130 X in order to provide maximum power without overheating the 130 X main board. The overall dimensions were designed to fit in the standard frame without touching the battery or servo. The EOX 1101 is equipped with a standard 130 X cable connector plug, Carbon Fiber Plate stiffener and hard steel 10 tooth pinion. The reinforced 3mm 116T CNC Main Gear and Aluminum Hub has been optimized and flight tested to provide smooth power transmission and heavy duty specs that will carry your over powered 130X to the next level without compromise. When the Lynx Blade 130 X "Stretch" Upgrade Super Combo Kit is installed in your 130X, you will be amazed by the increased precision and visibility, as well as the improved in flight characteristics.

  • Innovative Lynx stretch kit for the Blade 130 X increases the 130 X to a 150 size Heli
  • Uses the innovative Lynx T.B.S (Torque Bearing Support) tail boom system that supports the torque shaft like a larger size Heli
  • Direct replacement for stock 130X parts
  • Includes 150mm Bullet and standard stretch blades for both 3D and fast flight
  • Incredible big size feeling, increased visibility, and improved flight precision
  • Optimized lightweight design
  • Optimized extended tail boom support increases tail boom rigidity
  • Design reduces boom torque rotation
  • Optimized bearing support position to help eliminate harmonic vibration
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis) assisted design for light weight and maximum strength


  • Lynx testing has shown that the larger rotor disk area and longer tail requires modified head speed to avoid main blade fluttering and tail vibrations. Lynx suggests setting the Head Speed between 4500 to 5000 RPM max and adjust as needed. This is IMPORTANT.
  • The Lynx 130X Stretch Kit can be used with Standard 135mm Main Blades for increased the tail performance, but Lynx recommends the use of the included 150mm blade for optimum performance.

Bullet Stretch Blade Specifications:
Plastic Polymer Base PA66
“Bullet” Main blade For: 130X Stretched to 150
Blade Length: 150mm
Average Single Blade Weight: 4.65 g

3D Stretch Blade Specifications:
Materials: Plastic Polymer Base PA66
“3D” Main Blade For: 130X Stretched to 150
Blade Length: 150mm
Average Single Blade Weight: 4.55 g 

EOX 1101 Specifications:
Motor kV:
Max Lipo Cell: 2S - (8.4V MAX!)
Max Continuous Current: 9A
Max Continuous Power: 75.6W
Stator Diameter: 11mm
Stator Length: 10mm
No. of Stator Arms: 9
No. Magnet Poles: 6
Single Wire Diameter: 0.25mm
Weight: 8.9g
Outside Diameter: 13.8mm
Body Length: 17.3mm
Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm
Overall Shaft Length: 25mm
Motor Timing: 5 degrees
Drive Frequency: 8 kHz 


  • (1) Set Plastic Main Blade 150mm - Stretch - 130X - White
  • (1) Set Plastic Main Blade 150mm - Stretch Bullet - 130X - White
  • (1) 130X T.B.S. tail boom Stretch 195mm
  • (1) 130X Carbon Steel torque shaft Stretch
  • (2) 130X Stretch Kit Tail Boom Support - Silver
  • (4) Pan Head Self Taping Screw M1.6x5
  • (1) EOX 1101 - 2S - 8350 KV with 9T pinion installed
  • (1) 116T Main Gear Assembled with Hub - No autorotation

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