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Kah Chik Yong
Verified Owner
Monday, Mar 25 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Lunsford "Punisher" Kyosho MP9 Turnbuckle Kit (7)
Lunsford stuff is great as usual. Light and I would recommend everyone to get it. Better than the stock tki3.
Aaron Perelmuter
Wednesday, Feb 6 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Lunsford "Punisher" Kyosho MP9 Turnbuckle Kit (7)
Actually, the way Lunsford has setup the threads on the front camber link turnbuckles is *very* logical and super easy to use and understand. The stupid thing about the original Kyosho parts is that to either make the camber link longer or shorter, one has to turn the turnbuckle on each side of the car in opposite directions. For example, to make the links shorter, perhaps the left turnbuckle will be rotated towards the front of the cdar but the right side turnbuckle would have to be rotated to the rear - extremely confusing. The way Lunsford has setup the threads on their turnbuckles, both the left and right side are rotated in the same direction if one wants both sides to be shorter (or longer, as the case may be). Either way, the Lunsford parts are SO much better, stronger, longer lasting and much easier to use than the original Kyosho ones And I don't think Kyosho changed/improved the situation with their recently released titanium turnbuckles - they seem identical to the black or gold versions, just made from Ti, but still with the frustrating differences from one side to the other when making adjustments.
steven smulders
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 5 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Lunsford "Punisher" Kyosho MP9 Turnbuckle Kit (7)
Great turnbuckles. One thing dissappoints me though is the fact the long side of the front turnbuckles are not both right hand thread where the original Kyosho turnbuckles are. Just a bit annoying but still reliable and high quality hence the 4 stars.