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Tyson fasano
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jun 8 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Lucky 7 RC Air Seal Engine Sealant (15cc)
Great sealant , does not make a mess like many others out there comes out nice and smooth and also drys in under a minute highly recommend it im about to buy my 2nd bottle
John Hillmann
Wednesday, Apr 20 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Lucky 7 RC Air Seal Engine Sealant (15cc)
MUST MUST MUST HAVE!!!!! This is one of the cheapest, most under ratesd items in the RC Nitro world. YOU CAN NOT HAVE AIR LEAKS and expect your engine to run smooth, idle without flamming out or have / keep consistent tunes on your engine. THIS IS THE BEST SEALANT out there. you put some on and "blow" it around the various parts of the engine. it's NOT A GASKET, it is to be used as an outer type seal. it pulls off fairly easy if you need to adjust something, then just add some more when youre done to seal it back up. I cant stress enough how important this product is to the Nitro Engine. AIR LEAKS ARE BAD and this product eliminates air leaks. use this product on the High Speed Needle around the fuel needle and base of the needle assembly, the carb pinch bolts (both sides), and where the carb meets the case, and the crank case backing plate. you can seal about 7-10 engines on one bottle. I also use it around my fuel filter and my exhaust cooler. if you find a product that works any better than this does, write me an email and I'll buy you a bottle of whatever it is and I'll get myself one.... but trust me, I aint worried about someone finding a better product than the Lucky 7 sealant. it just doesnt exist out there today.
Hyung Kang
Wednesday, Mar 20 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Lucky 7 RC Air Seal Engine Sealant (15cc)
I'll take your word for it John. Give me an email so I can send one if I find this product not as good as you said it is and find better product LOL
Brian N
Verified Owner
Monday, Aug 12 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Lucky 7 RC Air Seal Engine Sealant (15cc)
A must have for anyone running nitro allows you to seal your motor without the hassle of taking it apart.