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Eric Donald
Wednesday, Mar 19 2014 (about 2 years ago)
LRP X12L Short Course Sensored Brushless 550 Motor (5.0T)
I bought this motor in January 2013 for my SC10 4x4. It has a lot of power and a lot of torque compared to the Reedy 550-SL 3500kV and 4000kV. Motors runs great on 2S and 3S with the stock gearing, on 2S it's temps at 160-170°F after 10-15 minutes depending on ambient temperature (65-75°F). I own a lot of LRP motors and ESC's and all of them have performed perfectly. The X12L has been in my 4x4 for more than a year now without a single problem. It ran great on the sensorless SC1200 RtR ESC and runs just as good on the sensored RX8 Gen2. It's great upgrade in the SC10 4x4 if you're looking for more power and speed than you get from the stock 3500kV RtR motor or the Reedy 4000kV 550-SL. Judging by Spangler's comments in his review (slow, no punch, 187° after just 5 minute), he obviously had his gear mesh too tight or something else was wrong with his truck causing a lot of drag on the motor. The X12L is a powerful 550 and runs great in the SC10 4x4, but it can't fix user errors.
Thursday, Jan 3 2013 (about 3 years ago)
LRP X12L Short Course Sensored Brushless 550 Motor (5.0T)
I have to be honest about this thing. This is an absolute dog of a motor... I purchased one of these last week and installed it today in my Short Course truck. I went to the track and threw it down for some laps and shortly after realized that this thing was unbelievably slow... I am running this in an Associated SC10 4x4, which is a much lighter truck than my brother's SCTE but I couldn't even come close to keeping up with him around the track. This motor had so little punch, that I could barely make the smallest double jump on the track... I had to take the turn extremely wide and then floor it in order to make it... Not Cool... So, I decided to go back to the pits and reprogram my ESC to see if the throttle points had somehow been messed up... I also decided to add a whole whopping 5 degrees of timing through the ESC to try for some more low end from this. Much to my horror, my truck was still slower than dirt... The best part is that after only 5 minutes of running a 2 CELL BATTERY through this thing I temped it out at 187 degrees!!! I could actually smell the motor when I took my truck's body off. Let's get this straight... This motor runs extremely slow and with very little punch/power, yet somehow manages to run hotter than any other motor that I have ever seen? And in case any of you reading this are wondering... I am not over geared... I am running a 14 tooth on the motor and a stock spur. This garbage is going on eBay where I am probably going to lose 70% on the deal. Never buying LRP again...