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Sunday, May 6 2012 (about 4 years ago)
LRP Vector X20 Brushless Motor (6.5)
i have had this motor of about a month now have 4 races on it and practice a few times very smooth throttle response and power band is insane plenty of tq i am currently running on a 1/8 track size and making triples huge table tops and great response to throttle and tq for rhythms i have it geared 18/81 and only 80% throttle on receiver it comes off at temps around 140 and highest of 152 after a 12 min main when i was pushing it hard running a tc-spec esc at 1-2-2-3 plenty of power trust me and only been through one spur due to a hard hit and motor shifted slightly in all great motor A+++++
Elvijus Bisikirskas
Wednesday, Jun 8 2016 (4 months ago)
LRP Vector X20 Brushless Motor (6.5)
3 seasons, 30+ races still going strong, using in d413, superb!