Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR w/2.4GHz & AVC

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Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
Price: $279.99
Discontinued Online
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
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This is the Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale Ready to Run 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy. This brushless powered 4WD prodigy takes the mini 8IGHT platform to the next level. You'll be hard-pressed to find another 1/14-scale truggy on the market with the same enhanced power and impressive electronics that are packed into the Losi Mini 8IGHT-T truggy! With its aluminum chassis, 4WD shaft-driven drivetrain and durable build, this relentless 1/14-scale truggy can thrash across dirt, gravel and asphalt without skipping a beat.

To better manage the outrageous power of its brushless power system, the Mini 8IGHT-T utilizes the AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control™) technology system for advanced power management over its impressive 4500KV brushless engine and precision handling. Better still, the Mini 8IGHT-T comes equipped with absolutely everything you need to get started so you can be out experiencing Losi thrills in the time it takes to charge the battery.


  • Dynamite® 4500kv brushless motor: Designed to deliver plenty of power to the 4WD drivetrain, the MINI 8IGHT-T motor requires little to no maintenance and provides a whole lot of fast-paced action.
  • Dynamite® Waterproof Brushless ESC: This brushless ESC features auto-cell detection, built in cutoff, and is compatible with NiMH and 2S to 3S LiPo.
  • AVC Enhanced Spektrum™ SRS4200 Receiver: Genuine AVC (Active Vehicle Control) and extended range 2.4GHz technology ensure you can experience extended range interference-free driving. With AVC included you'll be able to make the most of the Mini 8IGHT-T's brushless power system and impressive 4WD capabilities.
  • Aluminum, Adjustable, Oil-filled, Coil-over Shocks: Threaded-aluminum, oil-filled, coil-over shocks are built to be dependable, durable and designed to ensure the desired suspension performance. Threaded bodies and collars allow for easy adjustments and fine tuning.
  • Mini Blockhead Truggy Tires: Impressive and durable tires provide ample traction in numerous surface conditions.
  • 7.2v 1100mah NIMH Battery Pack with EC3 Connectors: The Mini 8IGHT-T RTR includes a powerful, rechargeable NiMH battery pack and wall charger, making it easy to get started.
  • Spektrum DX2e v3 Transmitter: The Spektrum DX2E V3 transmitter features extended range DSMR technology and superior comfort as well as AVC compatibility. The Throttle-limiting switch is ideal for training or when handing the controls over to a less experienced driver.
  • 12mm Wheel Hex: The 12mm wheel hex provides the ability to use any 1/10th 2 wheel drive 22 Series rear wheel and tire combination. This greatly expands the tire choices for any track or environment.
  • Mini 8ight-T Body: The Mini 8IGHT-T body was created directly from the Team Losi Racing 8IGHT-T 3.0 body and provides an excellent and stylish cab forward look.
  • Gear Cover: The Mini 8IGHT-T comes with molded gear cover that protects the pinion and spur gear from dirt and debris.


Type: Truggy
Scale: 1/14
Length: 13 in (319mm)
Width: 10 in (255mm)
Height: 5 in (120mm)
Ground Clearance: 0.9 in (23mm)
Wheelbase: 8.8 in (223mm)
Weight: 2.9 lb (1.32 kg)
Chassis: 2.5mm Plate
Suspension: Independent
Drivetrain: 4WD
Tire Type: Blockhead (Soft)
Motor or Engine: 4500Kv Non-Sensored Brushless
Speed Control: Included
Batteries: 7.2V 1100mAh Ni-MH
Charger: Ni-MH AC Peak
Gear Pitch: 0.5 MOD
Wheel Size: 2.2 in (56mm)
Shock Type: Aluminum
Ball Bearings: Full Bearings
Experience Level: Beginner
Is Assembly Required: No

Needed to Complete:

  • Nothing - Everything is in the box! 

This product was added to our catalog on June 2, 2014

Wednesday, Jul 30 2014 (about 7 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
Disappointed with this car. Losi seems to have forgotten that you can't make an RTR (the buggy) 50% heavier and leave everything else the same. This thing is slow. I never tried it on 2s, because even on 3s it is sluggish. It breaks just about every single time I drive it, and I have had a glamis UNO for months (some people said it was easily breakable) that hasn't needed as much work as this thing has in two weeks. Ballcups pop like nothing. The plastic hinge pin mounts are terrible (some smaller scale losi cars have metal hinge pin holders) The truggy is simply too heavy for the stock electronics and drivetrain. I have upgraded the power system to my liking after spending another few hundred (Mamba Max Pro, Neu Motor 1110, Steel Spur and Pinion, etc) but now I have to be careful with the throttle or it'll blow out the differential ring gear. I was really excited to start racing it but I can't get through two qualifiers without the dog bones bending beyond repair or snapping altogether. The upgrade CV shafts have been out of stock for a month now with an ETA still weeks away. The dog bones are out of stock everywhere I look. My servo stopped centering a few weeks ago so I had to steal a savox from the tail of one of my 450 helis. No r/c is perfect, but on all the other kits I've had (RTR or not) I've only needed to upgrade a handful of things at most before I have a reliable machine that I can count on. So far this has been a never ending money pit.
Sunday, Aug 24 2014 (about 7 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
Bought this little guy over the weekend and raced it Saturday night winning all the way.. First thing was to pull the gyro as it messes toommuchnwith throttle and steering despite supposedly being turned off.

I installed a airtronics receiver, bound it, calibrated and dropped it on the track with 2s 2200mah battery and loved it right off the bat. Stock setup liked the indoor clay at my local track. 4 minutes came off hot, 190.. Pulled the tires off and went with some worn dirt webs, temps dropped big time and battery draw went from 1300mah at 4 minutes to 1130 after 6 minutes..

Fun truck to run and with several folks locally buying them, we had a class of mini 8ights which was a blast.

Buy buy buy.. After three races only issue I had was a ball cup pop off. No biggie...
Tuesday, Jun 24 2014 (about 7 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
This is my first r/c in almost 20 years and also my first 4wd. Initially, I planned to take the entire vehicle apart prior to its first run but of course could not wait. The vehicle ran well w/ the stock NiMh pack and had zero issues. BUT......the Onyx 2s 2amp(2000mah) was a different story. My time away from the hobby plus the fact I've never taken to a track leaves my expertise level quite low. However, if you have ever built a kit or have the know-how to disassemble the vehicle, DO IT before running a lipo pack. 5 minutes into my lipo battery the vehicle (much quicker than NiMh, btw..) started making a grinding noise followed by a high pitch squeal. Issue was a completely stripped spur. After disassembly to replace the spur, I also found the slipper to be tightened fully. Not good. Other minor issues include a ball cup coming off after a roll over and the AVC makes the vehicle a little twitchy. Properly setting the esc and transmitter helped a bit and the ball cup snapped right back on w/o further issue.

Proper setup (not out of the box) is definitely a must if you plan on running lipo packs in this vehicle. Even a quick check of the spur/pinion mesh I would highly recommend prior to your first run. Check the slipper too. Since the repairs I've done, this little truck is a rocket on 2s lipo. Top end is not what it could be after replacing the stock 16t pinion w/ a 14t and keeping the new spur gear at 62t. Probably 35mph but more pull from lower speeds. If you want speed, I'm sure this truck will provide just that using a smaller spur and 3s lipo.

All in all, a fun little truck that has potential to be a tough bashing truck or precision track machine; provided you are willing to spend some time on setup. My opinion, its not RTR w/ lipo batteries but again, just running the stock pack won't push the truck to extremes. Wouldn't recommend as a "beginner" level RTR but would, however, recommend to those who don't mind putting some time and patience into the truck.
Thursday, Jun 29 2017 (about 4 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
Right away this thing over heated on a 2cell battery. It was so hot that the aluminum chassis was even hot. Horrizon hobby though was really awesome and gave me a new motor, ESC, spur gears, and pinion gears. Now the thing runs great the only bad part is it's very sluggish sometimes when trying to go forward and once in awhile it will shut off because of that issue. Overall though this is extremely fun and durable. Only reason for the 3 stars is because of it being sluggish.
Monday, Sep 29 2014 (about 7 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
Great little Truggy. Jumps and runs well. Would defintly recommend it. For the price you can't go wrong
Tuesday, Jun 24 2014 (about 7 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
I'm a big Losi fan, but this little guy needed a bit more attention to detail before shipping. I'm replacing the ring gear after running it twice. The engine mount is a new design that combines the endbell and Motor mount into 1 piece that screws into the motor can.There is no set screw and mine came loose. Use loctite folks! The ball link cups are very weak just like on the original mini 8ight. Use the RPM ones. On the plus side, AVC is great and it handles better in the air than the original mini 8ight. Losi: This is a better Vehicle than the predecessor, but you need to get your qc folks to follow drivetrain assembly closely for awhile.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Apr 23 2020 (about 2 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
Well I'd like to thank you for the $300 over heating turd.. the gears sound like shit and no matter what I do on the adjustment it still makes a grinding sound when I romp on it or break it.. loose or tight even just right, all I here is tic,tic... awful straight outta the box!!!
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jan 15 2020 (about 2 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
Purchased the truggy with high hopes of having a solid, fun mini truggy. I've had all but those experiences. Half way through the very first pack the front tires quit pulling. Upon further inspection I found the center dog bone had lost its pins. I quickly ordered another and contacted horizon hobby, David was quick to offer me a replacement and even give me cvd's as courtesy. My center shaft I ordered arrived much before the replacement from horizon so I began removing the necessary parts to install the new shaft. I encountered a plethora of issues while doing this. Almost all the screws for the center supports and braces had been overtightened and stripped out. I recontacted horizon and they was quick to offer replacement parts again. After replacing the center shaft I was eager to drive the truck but was quickly let down once again. For some reason the truck would not move, it stuttered like it wanted to but eventually faulted out and you had to unplug and reconnect the battery to get it to reset. I noticed after the first run the motor was scalding hot and burned my finger bad enough to blister. The first run I was not hard on the truck but was running 3s which it's rated for in its capabilities. Here's where the fun starts so I recontacted horizon hobby. I had something obviously wrong especially since the truck had literally only ran 5 minutes. I had also noticed I was missing a rear arm shim that was allowing the arm to flop around freely which eventually was going to break. Upon contacting horizon I was met with some resistance from David who stated the truck does not have a warranty and any further issues would require me to ship the truck to them for inspection and repair. I also mentioned to David that he had sent me all these replacement parts and I had yet to receive them and it was going on a month. I eventually found a mistake was made yet again on horizon hobby end and they had left off a critical number for my address. This has been ongoing almost 2 months now and I basically have a paper weight on my desk. In my opinion horizon should replace the truck or at the minimum offer a prepaid package to send the truck into them for inspection and repair. While helpful in the beginning David was quick to turn rude and resistant. These are bad business practices and it will eventually kill their business. I have several TLR vehicles but I'm hesitant to keep purchasing new vehicles for the oncoming race seasons. My buddy and myself just purchased TLR 8ight XE buggies, we hit up our local track. I noticed his rear drive shaft was extremely loose and told him it more than likely was going to come out in which it did on the first jump. He contacted horizon as this was a known issue and again got David. He said David was quick to replace the part but was extremely rude about having to do it. I hope this helps and future buyers of this vehicle. I wish I had taken some of the others cautions more seriously as I'm fed up with trying to work with horizon and have now since purchased Traxxas Velineon motor and ESC to replace the stock motor and ESC. Don't expect to purchase this truggy and it run consistently out of the box as since I've started having my issues I've done allot of reading and there seems to be allot of issues that are reoccurring.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Feb 25 2017 (about 5 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
This is a pretty good and fun little truggy. It's not the toughest thing out there but it's not really a hardcore basher type, all in all I'd say it's a really cool fun 1/14 scale truggy that is just about perfect on 2s lipo. P.S The stock battery is POOP..... Like really poopy
Sunday, Nov 1 2015 (about 6 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
I was in the market for a new "toy", for nothing in particular other than just to have for playing around. I read numerous reviews, here and elsewhere on this Truggy, and after a few months of going back and forth, decided to get one. I'm SO glad I did! this little guy is a blast!! I got it home and set to work to give it a complete once over. I only had to tighten a few things which is normal. I then put a 2s in it and took it for a spin. After running it through a pack. I wasn't happy with the shocks performance and re-did the shocks. I USED 20wt on all 4 shocks, and that seems to have made a big difference in handling. After running it a few more times, I noticed the shocks were leaking from the caps, so I found out that the Pro-Line Power Stroke shock caps will fit these shocks. I did that and problem solved.
All in all, I can't really find anything to complain about with this little rig. I've run maybe 30 packs through it all on 2s and had zero breakages or anything. I think running it on 3s will simply tear this thing apart, and I dunno about the rest of you? But I'm not gonna blow almost $300 just to break it all to hell!
Get one and you'll see. This is a great little fun Truggy for everyone. Oh. One last thing. The AVC is crap!! Rip it out or turn it off. Might be needed for a noob. But for anyone else? It's a waste of time.
Verified Owner
Monday, May 19 2014 (about 8 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
I just received my car two days ago and love the handling of it. It feels very well planted and the out-of-the-box tires are surprisingly grippy. The only problem that I encountered was that the steering links pop off fairly easily. It is a rocket on a 3 cell lipo and can clear any jump on a 1/10 scale track.
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Saturday, Aug 23 2014 (about 7 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
This thing is a P.O.S.
Small gravel gets under the spur gear cover and eats away the spur gear. On our 5th gear set in a month... STAY AWAY FROM THIS GARBAGE DESIGN!!! waste of $300
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jun 10 2014 (about 7 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR
Disappointed... The mini 8ight buggy is so fantastic and this does not hold up to that standard. The servo refuses to center after turns, making handling difficult. The pinion/spur mesh was way too tight as shipped causing the motor to overheat. Right out of the box, mine had drive train issues where something is slipping. Took apart the entire drive train and rebuilt and still getting severe grinding somewhere. Also, the low end response is poor and getting lots of "cogging" for lack of a better term. It could just be an isolated issue with my truck, but it is hardly drivable. I buy/build 5-6 cars per year and this had the worst issues out of the box that I have ever seen. Bummed out...
Sunday, May 25 2014 (about 7 years ago)
Losi Mini 8IGHT-T 1/14 Scale 4WD Electric Brushless Truggy RTR