Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller

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Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
Price: $399.99
Discontinued Online
This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
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The Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller was designed from the ground up to provide the solid axle MT world with all-out performance and incredible scale detail - in an incredibly durable package. Starting with the chassis, a twin vertical plate is designed to provide all the performance adjustments needed to tune the truck for any situation. Whether you are a scale driver, a basher or a racer, the chassis is designed to accommodate multiple shock setups keeping you tracking straight, no matter the terrain.

Multi-piece axle housings surround the 1/8th scale drivetrain. Additionally, the easy access center transmission comes stock with a center differential and allows for quick changes with the optional spool for that wheel standing action. For the true Monster truck experience, the axles also allow for optional 4-wheel steering and an adjustable servo saver to keep the wheels pointed in the right direction. A composite flip top cage adds scale realism and protection, as well as functionality so you can easily access your battery and electronics. Plus, this option lets you add the gear you want to finish it up and get it ready for the track. Add the transmitter, battery, charger, servo, motor and body you want to create a completely custom rig.


  • Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
  • Twin Vertical Plate Chassis
  • Composite Flip Top Cage
  • Multi Piece Scale Axle Housing
  • Long Travel Coil Over Shocks
  • Center Differential with Cush Drive
  • 1/8th Scale Diffs
  • Short Course Style Wheel with replaceable center hub
  • Scale Monster Truck Tire
  • Adjustable Servo Saver
  • Scale Details
  • Driver Insert
  • Preset motor plate produces easy, precise gear mesh
  • Elastomer battery mounting for a versatile battery hold down system
Approximate Assembly Time: 1 - 3 hours
Ball Bearings: Full set
Battery: Sold Separately
Body: Sold Separately
Charger: Sold Separately
Chassis: 6061-T6 Aluminum Twin Vertical Plates
Differential: Bevel gear, sealed
Drivetrain: 4WD
Drive Type: Forward/Brake/Reverse
Final Drive Ratio: 18.76:1
Gear Pitch: MOD 1.0
Internal Gear Ratio: 10.16:1
Product Height: 11.8" (300 mm)
Product Length: 22" (559 mm)
Product Width: 15.4" (391 mm)
Radio: Sold Separately
Receiver: Sold Separately
Servos: Sold Separately
Shock Type: Aluminum body oil-filled coil-over
Suspension: Solid Axle 4-link
Tire Compound: Firm
Tire Tread: BKT Monster truck
Tire Type: All-terrain
Vehicle Type: Monster Truck
Wheelbase: 13.5" (342.9mm)
Wheel Hex Size: 17mm
Wheel Width: 4" (101.6mm)

  • (1) LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
  • (1) Product Manual
Needed to Complete:
  • 130A or more ESC
  • Brushless Motor
  • 3-4S LiPo Battery 
  • LiPo Compatible Charger
  • Surface Transmitter and Receiver (2-Channel Minimum)
  • Monster Truck Body Set
  • Assorted tools (see manual for details)

This product was added to our catalog on January 12, 2021

Verified Owner
Friday, Sep 3 2021 (about 2 years ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
I purchased this beast a month ago. Kept an eye on it all year long, and with the end of pandemic it was time to get it. I love scale rc cars. I wish it could have been a real kit to build it from scratch, anyways it came properly assembled.

Just finished installing electronics, everything worked like a charm. Used stock pinion with hobbywing xr8 and 3200kv motor, and reef 500 servo, beck at 6.0.

There is a point of failure in the solid axles that every owner already faced. Searching and asking I ended purchasing some 3d printed internal braces, waiting for those to arrive. Other option is to upgrade to aluminum solid axles which is a bit expensive but a one time investment. Other weak point are the shocks when fully expanded, which can be solved with 100mm or 105mm limiting straps. The stock servo saver is 23T which is not compatible with the servo I got. So maybe less than $70usd investment makes this truck virtually indestructible.

If you research a bit on real monster trucks, this ends to be a 100% true 1/10 scale, from the tires to the top. Axles could be sort of a 1/8 but that does not matter to the size of the tires. Fully assembled monster truck weights around 12 pounds.

I give it 5 stars as the weak points can be solved, it's nicely built, tough, scale, a thousands time better than smt or other "1/10" monster trucks like mst and cen racing ones.

Ok I started using this beast! it has the internal braces already installed. It has a bit of torque twist but no big deal, anyways this truck is very fun to drive, hope everyone can get one!

2022 Been using my LMT for few months now. I'd recommend to loctite the sway bar screws. The 3d printed internal braces have saved me on few bad landings. Nothing broken yet.
Tuesday, Nov 9 2021 (about a year ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
My favorite R/C, hands down! I just can’t get enough. Apparently, I can’t get enough of these rollers either… ;)
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 22 2021 (about 2 years ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
generally i say my thoughts when it comes to exspencive plastic.. But theres actually a bunch of metal on this rig. It is a monster thats for sure and takes a beating you can only magine this is why im a shovin a Monster X in it coping off the roof and making a super bouncer.

Pros its massive and hungry to please.
Cons.. 1. the axle links are on the bottom of the axles where you roll the dice if a rock is going to sheer them off. Hasn't happened yet but we will see.
Monday, Jan 18 2021 (about 2 years ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
Very sturdy truck, Im not into big over the house sendies but I've been tooling it it in the backyard over a bunch of snow jumps and it's a very fun truck to drive. I haven't broken anything yet even in the cold. The plastics feel nice not to soft or hard and take screws well.

I only have small complaints
The servo saver included is 23t, no adapters for 25t included and the 25t servo saver is $20 and currently not available anywhere.

The pinion gear cover screw is directly behind the small cage on the sides that holds the main roll cage on. Why it went there and not on the other place with material I'm not sure. I guess design missed that.

Rx box is not sealed at all, wish it came with some gaskets or o-rings like all other models from every manufacturer.
Verified Owner
Thursday, May 5 2022 (about a year ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
This LMT roller is so fun to install your choice of electronics in it. Trim and paint up a body too. I've bought two over a year's time. Don't need a big area to have a blast with this type of truck. I run mine stock except adding 4 limiting straps to all 4 corners. Too much fun. Lots of YouTube videos to watch and learn of many customizations for this truck if you like that sort of thing too.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Apr 9 2022 (about a year ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
Pretty upset that this New kit came with the old Version V1 Axles. Being a new Kit you would think it would have the new parts
Verified Owner
Friday, Apr 8 2022 (about a year ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
Keen to receive, shipping times to New Zealand are upward of a month.
Should be a good truck.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Mar 26 2022 (about a year ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
Amain hobbies Are my go to place as they have stuff in I can’t get in the UK for a great price. The LMT roller is superb. Unfortunately import tax has killed this now and if I keep getting stung then I might be forced to not buy abroad again.
Monday, Dec 27 2021 (about a year ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
Very cool and Huge! Fun truck to tune and work on. Great aftermarket support and a bunch of cool bodies to paint and customize. Very Happy !
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Jun 1 2021 (about 2 years ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
Ok first of all Losi my hat is off to you for this beast of a monster truck design! This rig shows the hard work and time it took to design a truck that will preform like the real deal monster trucks! I have finish my chassis and posted on the Instagram account port_city_rc of its progress and will be shooting some more footage of it’s amazing abilities and the power it has! I used the recommended power plant for it and wow this truck can hit 50 mph easy on 3s lipo! But remember to have a safe area to bash this rig around because it demands the respect of its power lol! But seriously if you want to build something you can have a blast with then this baby is for you! And remember there are some many body options on the market so get creative with your mini monster jam super star! And I will see you in the field with mine! Cheers ?
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 3 2021 (about 2 years ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
Excellent monster truck. People who broke their axles were the people who played during the very cold temperatures and because of that, the plastics are more brittle. We are talking about temperatures in the teens to the single digits with snow, not your typical 40's and 50's degree weather. If you have the money, buy it but buy the licensed official units as you get more bang for your buck. Electronics alone will put you well above the $600, as mine sits with the Tekin 1/8th system, a nice servo and a 4S battery, the thing is nearly $1,000 now. So yeah, the $600 is plenty good until you upgrade down the road.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Jan 31 2021 (about 2 years ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
Overall this Monster is what I was hoping it would be....pretty awesome platform. Only a couple of disappointments. 1. The roller only comes with a 23 tooth servo saver with the 25 being another $20+ purchase.....if you can find it in stock.....huge bummer, c’mon man! 2. Within 20 min of light driving (indoors even) one of the front shock shafts bent.....which has me extremely worried for when the truck can actually get out and put through its pace.

Hopefully I just happened to get unlucky on that component and the rest of the truck and replacement shock shaft hold up better.
For power system I went with the Hobbywing SCT combo w/3600 kv plant. Great match for this rig, in my opinion- Very happy with that!

For body, 93 Ford pickup body from Proline brings a sweet 90s Monster look (just had to do some modding to allow the LMT rollcage to come out the back of the cab and bed) but looks like it belongs.
Friday, Apr 22 2022 (about a year ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
My axle busted on a small jump < 8 inches high and it was 68F degrees out, so I dont know what to tell you. This was the supposedly improved “braced” axle redesign, straight up pathetic. This was like the 23rd part that broke due to inane design, so I just stood there laughing as my truck gimped to a stop. I literally bought a roller just to pull parts from bc the Gravedigger kit is such fragile garbage and parts are all delayed shipping from China. That actually happened. It was a Saturday, I remember it. I was so mad I stormed into a LHS at dropped $350 on a spare parts kit. This LMT is by far and away the worst kit I have ever owned. It just isn’t designed to hold up under its own weight. I refuse to believe any mechanical engineer was consulted in its design, its all just too stupid. Losi are some straight up dorks for this fiasco. The issues aren’t even worth going over again. Spent over 1200 at this point and my all-time run time record before something breaks is at 11 minutes. Buy this if you are a clown who wants a broken monster truck on a shelf in your garage, or if money is literally no bother to you and you don’t mind at all spending over 1500 to have a functioning rc truck. Literally everyone else should find something else to buy. HT.com should offer a 0 stars option specifically for the POS rig.
Verified Owner
Monday, Feb 1 2021 (about 2 years ago)
Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck Roller
I'm so glad I ordered this $400 paperweight. Ordered in mid November, arrived mid January and only included a 23t servo saver. This vehicle absolutely destroys servo savers. 1/8 scale savers, solid aluminum horns, it kills them. How can losi offer such a high end roller product and not include the adapters for 25t servos? They intend on selling a $20 servo saver so I ordered that... It was due in January but now they're saying mid February. I've been involved in RC since 1987 and every Losi product I've ever bought has been annoyingly disappointing. Where's the product support? It's basically a use our bodies and electronics roller. Grave digger is played out and I'm not buying a 23t servo to cater to one kit in my collection.