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Edwin Kriegel
Monday, Sep 8 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Losi Desert Buggy XL 4WD RTR 1/5 Scale Buggy
This is my 1st 1/5th scale RC. I love it. It is very durable and tons of fun. I can drive it all over town and barely go through a half-tank of 93 octane. I have a couple of issues to note that I do not like. The shocks are extremely weak, and there is almost no rebound at all. It bottoms out way to easy. I need to rebuild the shocks, and think I want to try stronger spring rates. Tuning the engine was a pain. From the get-go there was no bottom end. It would bog down up until about 40% then it would take off like a rocket, but I finally think I have it where I want it. Acceleration isn't the greatest, but it's not bad. With a Jetpro exhaust, it will keep up with a friend's 5ive-T with larger engine and tuned pipe. The tires have way too much sidewall flex. Cornering at any speed looks like I have flat tires. Doesn't feel like there is any foam in them, but there is, and it is very thick. The rubber itself is very soft and plyable. I would recommend better inserts with the stock tires. I am putting on a set of stock 5ive-T tires using the DBXL's stock foam inserts, and there is a huge difference in tire flex. Overall this is a great vehicle with tons of potential. I have a DDM 29cc big bore kit to install on the engine, and need to replace a bent front hinge pin brace and bent front swaybar. (Hit an embankment at 75% throttle). Those are cheap to replace. About $12 each.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Aug 31 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Losi Desert Buggy XL 4WD RTR 1/5 Scale Buggy
A pretty good entry level 5th scale buggy. It is fast enough for a beginner to R/C, but some will find the stock motor lacks the acceleration they might want. A tuned pipe does help, but not as much as I would have liked. It is very controllable over jumps and over all just easy to drive. I have tumbled and flipped this buggy several times with no breakage so far. It seems fairly durable but I have had a couple issues with mine that I will blame on quality control or poor design choices. The throttle linkage screw backed out after around two tanks of fuel, and the kill switch on the side stopped working after just a couple heat cycles of the motor. Both were easy and cheap to fix.