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Friday, Nov 26 2010 (about 5 years ago)
Losi Aluminum 4 Shoe Flywheel & Collet Set (8IGHT)
Stock flywheel on the race roller, I would recommend getting the steel version once this wears out or building a new clutch. The springs gouge into the soft metal, need to taper the pins to fit in better, and the knurled outer edge wears fast and/or slips if you have a hard to start/tight engine. The steel version is heavier and slightly wider for more contact patch on the starter wheel. The aluminum version never seemed to seat into the collet as well as the steel version. I need a flywheel pull to get the steel one off the shaft, while the aluminum one just needs a little knock and its loose. This might translate to a little slip between the brass and aluminum. If you have a weak engine, or not a lot of bottom end, the aluminum version might be better choice since the flywheel is rotating mass and the lighter version will get the rpms up faster; but if you have bottom end grunt, the denser mass of the steel will flatten out the torque curve and add durability and longevity.