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Eric Franz
Wednesday, Jul 6 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Losi 3S 30C Li-Poly Rock Crawler Battery Pack (11.1V/1350mAh)
Mine was a terd. Balance charged it when I received it and it was not balanced by the end of the charge cycle. Ran it and balance charged again with the same results. Balance discharged it and one cell was completely out of balance. Pack always got warmer than it should when run. After about a half dozen runs and balance charges, one of the cells crapped out. I understand that I likely just got a bum battery, but with the Losi lipos being quite pricey I won't chance it again with one. I've owned MANY lipos over the years by MANY manufacturers. This is the only battery I ever had a problem with. Gonna try a CKRC crawler lipo or a MaxAmps. Hope I have better luck with one of those.
Thomas Price
Monday, Feb 20 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Losi 3S 30C Li-Poly Rock Crawler Battery Pack (11.1V/1350mAh)
I have one of these battery packs. I cannot connect it's balancing plug to my iBalance charger because it has a different male connector on it that is not compatible with the JSTXH female connector on my charger. Does anyone make a balancing plug adapter that I could buy? I was really disappointed in this product because I didn't know it wouldn't fit my charger until I got home with it. I bought it at a hobby shop in Colorado and I live in Cancun, Mexico.