Reviews for Losi 350 .21 Off Road Buggy Engine (Standard Plug) [LOSR2300]

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Wade Phillips
Wednesday, Sep 21 2016 (5 weeks ago)
Losi 350 .21 Off Road Buggy Engine (Standard Plug)
Would be good for $100 or <, sadly the quality of the parts pales to other engines around $150
Michel Champagne
Sunday, May 22 2016 (5 months ago)
Losi 350 .21 Off Road Buggy Engine (Standard Plug)
I had a 350 in my losi losi eight 2.0 since its purchase, easy engine start, and tuned but don't hold the settings. What about the vapor-lock problem with this engine. Once the engine's hot, can't restart, I had to wait until the temperature drops down to about 125 F. The engine is aging badly o'ring of carburetor that quickly wears HSN who unscrewed alone by the vibration,front bearing leak after 3 liters of fuel, air leakage around. Engine worn out after five gallons.I rebuilt the entire block, sleeve, piston, bearing and conrod, after-five gallons later the engine worn out again.