Reviews for Losi 2S Li-Poly 20C Car Battery Pack (7.4V/1650mAh) [LOSB9830]

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Hendrik Kriel
Sunday, Feb 6 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Losi 2S Li-Poly 20C Car Battery Pack (7.4V/1650mAh)
There is nothing wrong with this battery. It works great with what it was designed for. (Mini-T) As for the connection issue Losi sells this exact same battery just with an EC3 connection. That battery is great for replacing the stock battery in their newest Mini SCT (1/16) and other trucks using the similar stock battery, even though a-main classifies it as a crawler battery. Part number for this battery with EC3 connection: [LOSB9872]
John Easterday
Wednesday, Feb 25 2009 (about 7 years ago)
Losi 2S Li-Poly 20C Car Battery Pack (7.4V/1650mAh)
It might be an OK lipo but I am sending it back because I cannot charge it with any of my chargers I already have. It has a special Losi balance connector only works with Losi charger. I have ten other brands of lipos all work with same charger. You lost a customer Losi, get a clue! I am giving away my mini LST-2 and won't buy any more Losi anything. A-main is great. Not your fault.