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John Easterday
Saturday, May 12 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Kyosho Universal Swing Shaft Set (2)
The description says these will make your drivetrain more quiet. I'm sure this was written by someone at Kyosho....not Amain. I love kyosho and Amain hobbies and I bought a DST from amain. But come on! Make your drivetrain more quiet? I'm sure these are an improvement mechanically.....but I can assure everyone...any noise from my drive shafts, gears and such are in NO danger of drowning out the fantastic screaming loud GRX-18 engine. LOL!
michael ginther
Verified Owner
Friday, Dec 3 2010 (about 5 years ago)
Kyosho Universal Swing Shaft Set (2)
Great upgrade!! A friend and I run dbx's on an 1/8 scale track and front driveshafts popping out was a reoccuring problem. This solves that problem, and the shafts themselves are 2.5x bigger than the standard dogbones which means they are less likely to warp