Reviews for Kyosho Syncro KT-201 2.4GHz Pistol Grip Radio w/KR-200 Receiver [KYO82119B]

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K. Klemple
Friday, Jun 7 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Kyosho Syncro KT-201 2.4GHz Pistol Grip Radio w/KR-200 Receiver
First off, I am writing this review only because nobody else has. I am also giving this radio 3.5 stars out of 5. I am rounding up. :) The Syncro offers just the right amount of features for a basic radio set. The features I really like are the LCD screen, the end point adjustments, the dual rate adjustments, and the multi-model memory. Another great feature is the adjustment of the trigger throw. You can set it up 50/50 or 70/30. 70/30 feels VERY good on this remote. The trigger is smooth for a radio of its price. The wheel also feels very good. It is very smooth, and is not "bouncy" when you let go of the wheel and let it center. The grip handle feels OK, it is somewhat comfortable in my large hands. For a cheap radio, I think it has a comfortable feel. It also has a nice layout for trims and dual rate. You can adjust the steering trim, throttle trim, and dual rate without diving into a menu. VERY important at the track. It does lack a couple features that a racer would like see. But you could take it to the track and do well. The only major racing feature it lacks would be exponential adjustments. All that being said, this unit looks pretty cheap. It is very plasticy, and very light. The lightness is OK to me, but if you were to pick this up and inspect it, you would likely say that it has a cheap feel to it. The LCD is nice to have, but is VERY basic, and the screen also looks rather inexpensive. Overall, I don't feel like this is the best value at $79.99. I really feel this is a $59.99 radio. Once they get to that price, this will be a wise investment for a radio with a decent feature set.
Sunday, Feb 2 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Kyosho Syncro KT-201 2.4GHz Pistol Grip Radio w/KR-200 Receiver
This is actually a very good basic 2.4 ghz hfss radio for someone starting out,has everything you need and nothing more. it is a better radio than those that come packaged with RTR kits as this system is manufactured by ko-propo.