Kyosho Seawind "Carbon Edition" ReadySet Racing Yacht

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This is the Kyosho Seawind "Carbon Edition" ReadySet Racing Yacht. Whether competing in model yacht racing, or just enjoying a day off, the Seawind is as popular as ever. For more than 10 years the Seawind has built a reputation for model yachting excellence and the latest development of a carbon hull lifts this bar even higher. The lightweight, yet hard and strong characteristics of the carbon hull promise many years of reliable performance at the highest level. Efficiently converting wind energy into water speed, the Seawind also possesses great controllability. The quality of the carbon finish is protected by two-color gel coat and that also makes it a impressive interior display.

The Seawind Carbon Edition is the perfect partner for model yacht racing or just for enjoying your own water sport. The Readyset includes a molded one-piece factory finished ABS hull, and is fitted with a 2.4GHz RC system that automatically manages frequency band selection. The sail and rudder servos are waterproof and deliver exceptional reliability under various conditions. In addition, the mast, keel and rudder can be detached without the use of any tools for compact storage and transport so you can take it with you on holidays without it taking up a lot of space.


  • Equipped with waterproof high torque KS501SW sail servo incorporating metal gears and KS202W rudder servo that realize reliable control.     
  • Low resistance keel & ballast design suitable for a racing yacht. Ballast is environmentally friendly lead-free.
  • Original rudder design delivers sharp control response. The mast, keel and ballast can be detached without the use of any tools.
  • Features the 2.4GHz KT-21 R/C system that allocates its own frequency band as soon as it is switched ON.
  • Includes a variety of accessory parts that deliver the scale feel of a real racing yacht, and extra detail as a display model.
  • Clear gel coat finish enhances the benefits of the carbon hull. Produces a hard but lightweight finish with a shining luster.
  • Pre-assembled one-piece ABS hull complete with coloring.
  • Extruded aluminum mast and boom are hard anodized for extra strength.
  • Features pre-cut and sewn spin cloth main and jib sails.
  • Large aspect ratio keel provides low resistance and excellent performance even under strong winds.
  • Super strong structure features shaft from deck through to the ballast.
  • Equipped with rubber cap for easy release of water from the hull.
  • Push-pull rudder and sail control provides sure control for sharp racing performance.
  • The main mast, keel, ballast and rudder can be detached without the use of any tools.
  • The hull and one-piece molded deck are finished in stylish blue gel coat that also produces a realistic scale appearance.

Length: 998mm
Width: 226mm
Height: 1,850mm
Weight: 3,000g(approx.)
R/C System: 2.4GHz PERFEX KT-21
Sail Area: 39dm2


  • Pre-assembled, pre-colored carbon fiber hull
  • 2.4GHz PERFEX KT-21 R/C system installed
  • Folding wood boat stand
Needed to Complete:
  • (12) AA size batteries for transmitter/receiver (8 for transmitter, 4 for receiver)

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Rodney Steagall
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jan 3 2015 (about 3 years ago)
Kyosho Seawind "Carbon Edition" ReadySet Racing Yacht
I received the CF boat a couple of days ago. Keep in mind that I own 2 new Readyset boats and our fleet is comprised entirely of Seawinds. We sail every weekend weather permitting.
The review
Packaging from A Main was great as usual. Double boxed. No damage.
The way Kyosho packs everything is great except possibly the sail. It could be rolled instead of lying flat but that applies to the Readyset as well. I am going to discuss just the hull as all other items are exactly the same as the Readyset. In a word or two it can be summed up as not worth the price. There are divots in the forward portion of the hull. About 1/8 in. or so, looks terrible. There are areas (lots) that seem to be built with only a single layer of CF, very light and flimsy. WAY too much give. If you were to get hit or hit something it will break I'm sure. When looking through the hatch with a light on the outside it appears to be only a single layer of CF. You can see pin holes of light. If the CF was laid cross grain that would not be the case. I have CF aircraft and "go fast" boats; nothing I have ever seen is this flimsy. The keel and rudder areas seem to be strong enough. The ABS ReadySet is very sturdy; the CF hull is not even close to that quality. I don't know why Kyosho did not lay at least one more layer of CF. I don't think it would have been that much heavier but so much stronger. In any case I don't recommend the CF addition. I would almost call it a factory reject. If you want one as a display boat and set it on the stand so the divots donít show it will probably be fine but if you want to sail it Iíd think about it a long time.)