Kyosho Rock Force 2.2 Suzuki Jimny 1/10 Electric Powered Rock Crawler

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This is the Kyosho Rock Force 2.2 Suzuki Jimny 1/10 Electric Powered Rock Crawler. The steeper the climb, the harder the push. This machine clears its way, section by section!

The center of the rock crawling universe is of course America. Rock crawler competitions are decided not on speed, but by clearing grueling rocky sections in the shortest time. The power and precision of these machines has entered the world of R/C as they face down seemingly unconquerable terrain and bring your adrenalin to the boil.

Completely different to other off-road machines, competitive rock crawling is unique in itself and features mainly one-off designs in both full-size and R/C model machines. The Kyosho Rock Force is set to break this mold by bringing its specially designed-for-competition construction to everyone. Featuring a unique worm geared drive system on front and rear axles, the Rock Force is ready to take on even the toughest challenges. Specially designed long-stroke suspension delivers plenty of other advantages so you can taste the exhilaration as your Rock Force 2.2 overcomes everything in it is path!

  • Shaft driven 4WD chassis designed specifically for rock crawling.
  • Large capacity oil shocks are now included on the front and rear.
  • 6 mounting positions are available for front shocks and 12 for the rear.
  • Wide choice of gear ratio settings.
  • Features a 48-pitch first gear and also is compatible with many other gears.
  • An optional high-speed gear set is available for the worm gear unit.
  • Optional rear drive disconnect set provides the choice between lock, drive and free running when combined with a 3-channel R/C system. Experiment to find your best technique in controlling the chassis posture for pivot turning and clearing different types of course sections as well as stability coming down steep slopes.

Length: 430mm
Width: 270mm
Height: 140mm approx.(When at 1G : excluding body mount)
Wheelbase: 310mm
Tread (F/R): 216mm
Tire(F/R): 12059mm
Gear Ratio: 143.33 : 1 (with option 46.80 : 1 - 161.25 : 1)
Weight: 2,600g approx.

Required for operation
2-channel, 1-servo R/C system (3-channel, 2-servo system when using options)
540-Size Motor
Speed controller with reverse function
7.2V NiCd or NiMH Battery (stick pack type)
Shock oil
Paint for the body
Batteries for R/C system

This product was added to our catalog on November 26, 2008.

justin hunt
Thursday, Nov 5 2009 (about 7 years ago)
Kyosho Rock Force 2.2 Suzuki Jimny 1/10 Electric Powered Rock Crawler
stock: its an ok comp rig. the tires are not up to comp; they are only good for practice. however, the axles are bullet proof and the links are tough as well. change the gear ratio and get better tires, and the rig is sound. have fun with it. use it as a blank canvas. and the idea of using zip ties to control ride height actually works well. no more shock limiters.)
james schneider
Thursday, Feb 25 2010 (about 7 years ago)
Kyosho Rock Force 2.2 Suzuki Jimny 1/10 Electric Powered Rock Crawler
Tell kyosho to get the heck out of crawling because they are better at racing than crawling!!!! Every where on this rig, there are signs of guess work, and it is not very accurate guess work. This car's quality reminds me of somthing I can find at wal-mart for a scorchingly low price.Simplified version: this car sucks A$$.)
Pierce Core
Friday, Sep 11 2009 (about 8 years ago)
Kyosho Rock Force 2.2 Suzuki Jimny 1/10 Electric Powered Rock Crawler
regarding what I said before. this truck is not the greatist for comps at all!!!!!!! if you want worm gear drive go losi. Way more competitive this kits tires suck A$$ so if u get this get way better tires. wheels are harder to find it has strange hub size -//- very good crawler!!! only thing I would change is bead lock wheels. This truck works very well with brushless motors but if you use a brushed motor it can over heat very fast because the worm gear has a lot of resistence. does not have a whole lot of toqure twist
This truck is very easy to build and only took me 6-7 hours to build. But i think it is a good truck)