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Keith Benicek
Friday, Oct 31 2014 (about a year ago)
Kyosho DRX VE Demon 1/9 ReadySet Electric Rally Car
Let me put the review in as few words as possible, I like the looks and finish of the Kyosho DRX VE Demon and the lexan chassis cover to protect from dirt and dust doing component damage is nice. But there are area's that give me great pause and concern considering the price: 1) Really? Plastic Shocks at this price? 2) The batter "cover" only lifts on one side, you have to bend it to get the battery in? 3) The thin Dog-bone wheel hex drive shaft look like they're made with the same stock as thin Hex wrenches and won't last long. Come ON! 4) Tires are too hard for legit dirt Rally tracks. 5) Recycled chassis pan from other Kyosho RC trucks and it's not even Carbon fiber as this price! 6) Come on, is it 1/8, or 1/9th scale? The chassis and some components are from their 1/9th scale truck. How about standardizing at a real 1/8th!
stephen rogers
Verified Owner
Monday, Jun 1 2015 (about a year ago)
Kyosho DRX VE Demon 1/9 ReadySet Electric Rally Car
this thing is a blast .. i have several rally cars {wr8 being one} and this thing out handles in a very fun way .. i can be a basher ..does just fine on 3s{but like all rally cars on 3s you will eat tires.} but the big selling point for me is the handling . super fun .i havnt broke a thing on it and i have beat the heck out of it . my buddy has the blue/silver subi body and it is alittle brittle . but the yellow kyosho is just fine. two things i would do .. 1:replace battery holder for wr8 straps . 2:buy and add the extra gears for the three diffs..super cheap and helps keep from breaking down the fluid on long 3s runs.