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Dan "GigaWatt" G.
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 13 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Kyosho Blizzard SR "Search & Rescue" 1/12 Scale ReadySet All Terrain Belt Vehicl
I purchased the Blizzard SR because I've admired the Blizzard platform for many years and always wanted one. It's built for fun and it definitely delivers. I've had a few Tamiya tanks, and the way the controls are set up on the BSR took some getting used to because I was accustomed to a different control method for tracked vehicles. Basically, one ESC is on one stick, and one ESC is on the other, so one stick is for the left track and one for the right. Still, once I got used to it, it's a lot of fun. The stock plow servo is pretty weak, but I fear if I upgrade it the parts which support the lifting mechanic may begin to break. It's basically just for lifting and lowering the plow anyway, it's not meant to be load-bearing.. so no big deal. The ESCs plug into one another and are basically exposed circuit boards. They are protected from the elements in a plastic case. I had an issue where the two came unplugged from each other which basically cuts power to one of the two because they are daisy-chained. Also, I've read on a few Kyosho documents that it supports lipo batteries but I can't find any mention of a lipo cutoff anywhere in the documentation, nor a way to set it. So I assume it doesn't actually have a lipo cutoff. I debated on 4 or 5 stars for a while but have to give it 4 just due to the parts quality. The plastics are pretty brittle (reminiscent of the Kyosho Raider, etc.) and the track components give me the impression they will eventually fail. I'm not sure if the parts will swap out with the older metal nitro blizzard equivalents but even if they will, those parts are hard to find. Hopefully Kyosho will release stronger versions of those parts (they may have already- but they hadn't come out within the first few weeks of release). All of the product announcements for the SR promised upgrade parts in the future so hopefully track components will be one of the upgrades. The body is very nice but very expensive so be careful with it so you don't have to replace it. I would have liked it to come in clear so I could choose the color, but then it would be less RTR, so I understand. Still, this is a great 2.4ghz RTR platform that does what it promises and if you're in the market for a snow utility vehicle- you'll be happy with it.
John Robinson
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Nov 20 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Kyosho Blizzard SR "Search & Rescue" 1/12 Scale ReadySet All Terrain Belt Vehicl
up date on my Blizzard sr.I used a 2s 7.4 5000 Lipo battery in it since i got it and it does cut off by it self. you dont have to set any thing up it's all ready set for either battery just plug it in that's nice.I have a lot of fun with it plowing snow
johnny walker
Sunday, Feb 9 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Kyosho Blizzard SR "Search & Rescue" 1/12 Scale ReadySet All Terrain Belt Vehicl
this thing is pretty cool . you can drive it inside and outside . its does plow snow very well . it is fairly fast and has good power . its easy to drive . but one thing i do not like is the double tap on the sticks to go backwards . i did brake the lower plow arms . its an easy fix . but you have to buy two parts (trees) to get two new arms . i did not like that . both arms should be on one tree . i hope to get the metal tracks someday to get that real feel and scale look . i just throw it outside and sit in front of the window and drive it around . its a very basic toy and easy to work on if needed . DO NOT use a wet cell / rechargeable batteries in the radio !! only use alkaline or dry cell batteries !!