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Tyler Jacobs
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jun 14 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Kyosho Audi R8 LMS Body Set (Clear)
I absolutely love this body for a few reasons. First and foremost I am the only one on the track with this beauty. I started off with the original GT2 Race spec Silver body and loved how it look and how well the aerodynamics planted my car. I am now on my 2nd R8 and I plan on sticking with this body. The only issue I have had with this body is the rear folding up if I get hit. A little trimming and or reinforcement and to the winners circle you go. Great body, unique looks, perfect scale looks, headlights and tail lights for even more realism, great areos and most importantly durable. I race GT8 and it gets rough all the time. Both of my Audi bodies are in great shape still even after some rough racing. I would recommend this to a friend or family.)
Shiraz Mahyera
Monday, Apr 8 2013 (about 4 years ago)
Kyosho Audi R8 LMS Body Set (Clear)
Just AWESOME! great body.. how about a PRICE drop :))
Tracey Torrisi
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 30 2012 (about 5 years ago)
Kyosho Audi R8 LMS Body Set (Clear)
Love this new boby.Hope you guys keep them in stock for long time.)
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