KDE Direct T-Rex 550/600 Series SXT Main Rotor Head System

KDE Direct
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This is an optional KDE Direct SXT Main Rotor Head System, intended for use with the Align T-REX 550, 600 and 600N series of helicopters. This system can also be compatible with other 550/600 series helicopter equipped with a 10.0mm O.D. main drive shafts.

The KDE Direct 550/600 Series SXT Main Rotor Head System provides the most innovative and engineered control mechanics to install confidence in any flying style. Every detail was scrutinized and continually reviewed to provide
the ultimate system for Flybarless flight control, providing the latest technology for fast-response and smooth flight characteristics tailored to your own flying style. 

The system includes: (1) a strengthened housing design (no more wear from extreme-flying styles and larger 600-class helicopters), (2) optimized main rotor grip arms for Flybarless control, (3) innovative clamping mechanism signature to all KDE Direct head designs, (4) custom heavy-duty ball links for high strength and durability, and (5) true turnbuckle control links (clockwise and counter-clockwise M3 threaded) for precision adjustment and perfect blade tracking capability.


  • Strengthened Housing Design: Geometry has been increased in key areas for significantly raised strength and stiffness characteristics in flight, without additional weight or undue material.
  • Optimized Main Rotor Grip Arms: Arms extended further from the main shaft and optimized to the mounting location for perfect flight mechanical alignment and increased servo resolution (resulting in significantly improved Flybarless control).
  • Innovative Clamping Mechanism: Design includes a M3 clamping mechanism for a rock-solid lock of the housing to the main shaft. This key design aspect provides unprecedented accuracy and crisp feel (no rocking/bobbing effects) for all types of flying styles.
  • Turnbuckles Control Links: Stainless Steel M3 turnbuckles allowed for precise adjustment of pitch for perfect blade tracking and geometry setup. Sold M3 rod for extreme strength and durability (no flexing in flight).
  • Heavy-Duty Ball Links: Heavy-duty, 4.95mm ball links provided for unprecedented strength and durability, minimizing the chance of failures and required maintenance.  


  • (2) TREX 550/600 Series Stainless Steel Main Rotor Grip Control Links, SXT Version
  • (2) KDE Direct 550/600 Series Hexagonal Turnbuckles, Heavy-Duty 3mm (Stainless Steel 416)
  • (6) KDE Direct 550/600/700/800 Series Ball Links, Heavy-Duty 4.95mm
  • (2) TREX 550/600 Series Aluminum Main Rotor Holder Arms, SXT Version
  • (2) KDE Direct 550/600/700/800 Series Control Linkage Balls, SXT (Stainless Steel 416)
  • (4) M3 x 0.5 x 6 mm Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9 BP Alloy Steel)
  • (1) TREX 550/600 Series Aluminum Flybarless Main Rotor Housing, SXT Version
  • (1) M3 x 0.5 x 16 mm Button Head Socket Head Cap Screw (Class 12.9 BP Alloy Steel)
  • (2) M3 x 0.5 x 16 mm Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9 BP Alloy Steel)
  • (2) M3 x 0.5 x 14 mm Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9 BP Alloy Steel)

Design Notice: To achieve the best possible setup and perfect alignment of the flight mechanics, it is recommended to use the following ALIGN Flybarless components with the design:

  • Main Shaft: AGNH60243 or AGNH60247 (ESP), TREX 550/600 DFC Main Shafts
  • Dampers: AGNHN6061-1, TREX 550/600 Head Damper
  • Flybarless Grips: AGNH60204, TREX 550/600 Series Metal Main Rotor Holder
  • Washout Arms: AGNHN6119QF, TREX 550/600FL Control Arm Set
  • Swashplate: AGNH60208 or AGNHN6101QF, TREX550/600 CCPM Metal Swashplate

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