KDE Direct Mod 1 Main Drive Gear (112T)

KDE Direct
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This is an optional KDE Direct 112 Tooth, Mod 1 Main Drive Gear, and is intended for use with all Align T-Rex 700N models (replaces stock Align part AGNH70020B). This part can also be used with the T-Rex 550E (V1/V2), 600E Pro and 600E/ESP models when combined with the T700 Universal Main Gear Case (KDEAT550/600-UMGC or KDEAT550/600-MGC).

The Slant Main Drive Gear is precision machined from a proprietary Nylatron MoS2-Filled Type 66 Polyamide, one of the best materials available today for polymer gears and the perfect match for an extremely strong, smooth running, and durable power transmission for the TREX 700N/600/550 series helicopters. Through months of testing, the gear has been optimized to include numerous design features for optimum performance, including:
  1. Optimized gear geometry to provide proper clearance and gear mesh for high strength applications.
  2. The tooth involute profile has been optimized through numerous design iterations for increased tooth engagement and strength, providing an incredibly quiet and durable gear for a MOD1.0 power train.
  3. Weight was reduced through FEA optimizations of the machining pattern to significantly reduce weight, while maintaining full strength of a solid-gear profile.
  4. The self-lubricating properties of the proprietary MoS2-Filled Type 66 Polyamide material provides exceptional wear and noise properties, providing a gear that can withstand the harsh nature of hardcore 3D flight.
Design Advantages of the KDE Direct Slant Main Drive Gear, 112T, MOD1.0:
  • Density: 1.15g/cc. 19% Less Weight (Reduced Weight to the Helicopter)
  • Tensile Strength (Ultimate): 12,500psi. 32% Stronger Tooth (More Power and Torque Capability)
  • Shear Strength: 10,500psi. 32% Stronger Tooth Root (More Power and Torque Capability)
  • Flexural Yield Strength: 17,000psi. 42% Stronger Tooth Root (More Power and Torque Capability)
  • Coefficient of Friction: 0.200. 20% Less Friction (Less Noise, More Power Transfer)
  • K (Wear) Factor: 90e-10 [in^3-min/lbf-ft-hr]. 55% Less Wear (Longer Lasting Gear)
Finish: Precision CNC-machined, Nylatron Proprietary MoS2-Filled Type 66 Polyamide

Weight: 48g (design is FEA optimized for maximum strength and minimum weight)

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