KDE Direct 4215XF-465 HP 24-Pole Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor (465kV) w/4mm Shaft

KDE Direct
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This is the KDE 4215XF-465 High Performance 24-Pole Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor. The 4215XF-465 is an extremely powerful motor developed for multi-rotor and sUAS heavy-lift applications, and was designed to bring high-quality, efficient, vibration-free motors to the market. The motors are designed with performance and durability in-mind, with features unseen in the current market: (1) high-grade, 240C (464F) high-temperature solid-core copper windings for failure-free operation in extreme-climates, (2) Japanese-built, 0.2mm silicon-steel stator laminations with Kevlar tie-wraps for high-efficiency performance, and (3) triple-bearing supported, ABEC-7 bearings for maintenance-free and worry-free flying for hundreds of hours. These are just a few of the advantages built-in to these motors, and every detail of the motors was scrutinized to produce the absolute best multi-rotor motor available; for a wide-range of flight applications. 


  • Industry-Leading Performance: Magnetic field simulation and years of field testing utilized to optimize power‐output efficiency and torque‐curves for multi‐rotor and UAS specific applications. The XF Multi‐Rotor Brushless Motor series produce a high‐level of performance and are built to the highest‐quality standards and manufacturing technology available.
  • Universal Propeller Mounting Pattern: All XF Series motors have dual propeller mounting profiles for use with the included KDE Direct adapters; and simple compatibility with a wide‐range of available propulsion options for easy installation.
  • Universal Motor Mounting Pattern: All XF Series motors utilize an innovative, universal mounting pattern and shaft-retaining collar for drop-in compatibility and safety with all multi-rotor designs. 
  • Optimized Stator Design: Stator construction uses the hightest-grade, 0.2mm silicon steel laminations and ultra-high temperatures (240C/464F), pure-copper core-windings for optimum efficiency and power transfer. All winders are futher secured with a continuous, Kevlar-tie wrap around all stator teeth to reduce change of winding shorts. 
  • Magnet Bell Construction: All XF Series motors use true-grade, high-temperatures rated N40UH and N45SH Neodymium sintered-magnets for industry-leading performance. An upper magnet retaining ring, machined slots, and 360 epoxy bonds are incorporated at each magnet location to secure a permanent connection to the motor housing.
  • Silicon-Wire Power Leads: High-temperature (200C/392F), silicon-wire power leads come pre-soldered with 24K bullet connectors for easy, hassle-free installation.
  • Color: Clear anodize, mirror-polish CNC gloss endbells, with Black electro-plate, CNC gloss central core (flux ring)

Kv: 465 RPM/V
Maximum Current: TBD
Maximum Power: TBD
Continuous Current: 51+ A
Continuous Power: 1510+ W
Maximum Efficiency: > 92%
Voltage Range: 14.8V (4S) - 29.6 V (8S)
Io (@10V): 1.0 A
Rm (Wind Resistance): 0.057 Ω
Stator Poles: 24 (24S22P)
Magnetic Poles: 22 (24S22P)
Bearings: Triple 696ZZ, 606ZZ
Mount Pattern: M4/3 x 25mm, M3/2.5 x 32mm
Stator Class: 4215, 0.2mm Japanese
Shaft Diameter: ф4mm (6mm Internal)
Shaft Length: 5.5mm
Motor Diameter: ф48.2mm
Motor Length: 36mm
Motor Weight: 195g (250g with Wires/Bullets)
Propeller Size: Up to 20"
Motor Timing: 22 - 30
ESC PWM Rate: 8 - 16 kHz (600 Hz) 


  • (1) KDE Direct XF UAS M6 Propeller Adapter Assembly (35XX/40XX/42XX Edition)
  • (1) KDE Direct XF UAS Motor Adapter Plate Assembly (35XX/40XX/42XX Edition)
  • (1) KDE Direct XF UAS Propeller Bracket Assembly (Clear Edition)
  • (1) KDE Direct XF UAS Propeller Bracket Adapter (ф4.0 x ф6.0 x 2.5mm)
  • (3) KDE Direct XF 3.5mm 24K Bullet Connectors (Female)
  • (4) M4 x 0.7 x 8 mm Flat Head Phillips Head Machine Screws (Class 12.9 BP Alloy Steel)
  • (2) M3 x 0.5 x 10 mm Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9 BP Alloy Steel)
  • (3) M3 x 0.5 x 8 mm Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9 BP Alloy Steel)

    KDE Spec Chart

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