JQRacing Differential Oil (3000cps) (75ml)

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This is a 75ml bottle of JQ Products 3000cps Differential Oil. Changing the oil weight in your differentials is one of the most important tuning options for vehicles with fluid filled differentials. The thinner the oil viscosity, the more likely your differential will "diff out" in the corners, allowing the tires to turn at different speeds. The thicker the oil, the less your differential will "diff out" in the corners, allowing your differential to remain locked for a longer period of time.

Differential Oil Characteristics:


  • Thinner
    • Increases off-power corner entry steering
    • If oil is too thin the steering may become inconsistent, and will affect forward traction, as well as steering during acceleration out of corners.
  • Thicker
    • More stable braking into corners
    • Increases on-power corner exit steering
  • Thinner
    • Front wheels unload more during acceleration
    • Decreases on-power steering and reduces over steer
    • Easier to drive on rough tracks
    • Increased off-power steering
  • Thicker
    • Increased all-wheel drive effect
    • Improved acceleration
    • Increased on-power steering (reduces under steer)
    • Better suited to smooth, high-bite tracks
    • Car can become nervous
  • Thinner
    • Increased cornering traction
    • Increased corner entry steering
  • Thicker
    • Decreased rear traction while cornering
    • Reduced wheel spin

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