Reviews for JConcepts Xray XB9 "Finnisher" Body [JCO0244]

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Aaron Arnett
Thursday, Nov 26 2015 (10 months ago)
JConcepts Xray XB9 "Finnisher" Body
Nice body Works on a JQ white ebuggy with no kit mods just cut on different lines to make work. Body is low in the back so wires will have to be lower than center diff.
Chris Stevens
Wednesday, Jul 29 2015 (about a year ago)
JConcepts Xray XB9 "Finnisher" Body
This is a nice body overall. However on the xb9e it is still a very tight fit. I had to lower the battery tray and struggle with clearance over the esc and wiring. I wish someone would make a body that is taller at the rear.