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Wade Bynum
Sunday, Jul 6 2014 (about 2 years ago)
JConcepts TLR 8IGHT-E 3.0 "Silencer" Body (Clear)
No clue what the previous reviewer is talking about as far as this body not fitting. This JConcepts body fits my 8ight-E 3.0 buggy like a glove. My only guess is the previous reviewer tried to use this on a 8ight 2.0. As far as the body, standard thickness for buggy body. I could tell no difference between this body and the stock 8ight-E 3.0 body on the track. One tip. Cut the nose off the front so it does not extend over the inside of the shock tower. Otherwise when the car flexes from a bad landing it will rip the front nose off. Same with the stock Losi body. This body is cheaper than the Losi body.
joshua smithers
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 14 2014 (about 2 years ago)
JConcepts TLR 8IGHT-E 3.0 "Silencer" Body (Clear)
While this body is nicely shaped and all it does not fit the losi E-buggy with the side skirts on it is almost 3/4 of a inch too narrow.the sides of the body end right above the battery tray and the radio box.the front nose clip hole you have to push and bend the body to fit the front clip in so the first time or two it flexs off a jump it will crack.for a body meant for my specific buggy not very impressed.
Paul Estrada
Verified Owner
Friday, May 30 2014 (about 2 years ago)
JConcepts TLR 8IGHT-E 3.0 "Silencer" Body (Clear)
Very durable! light as feather! excellent form for TLR 8E 3.0, easy cutting no worries! perfect fit for my TLR 8E 3.0! will buy again for my practice shell! A W E S O M E !!!!!