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Aaron Weigand
Tuesday, Mar 13 2012 (about 4 years ago)
JConcepts Medium Racing Bag
Picked this bag up today in an effort to get my nitros and electrics separated and organized. I've had the Ofna bag for about 2 years now and it's held up pretty good but it has to be getting close to 80lbs now. This (JConcepts) bag is a nice size for 1/10 buggy. The drawers are wide (12 3/4") and fairly long (22 1/2") but they're also pretty shallow at (6"). Assembly is simple and while the drawers are indeed made of plastic, they look just like corrugated cardboard that has been painted black. They do have a fairly nice plastic handle that attaches to one side of each drawer that is pretty handy. 1/10 scale buggies fit just fine with the body, wing, and tires installed and my 1/8 buggy actually fits with the body, tires, and wing on as well (suspension is compressed slightly to clear the wing but far from bottomed out). There is plenty of width for the 1/8 buggy in the drawer and room for some other items as well (few sets of extra tires, fuel bottle, etc). I have a feeling the durability is going to be suspect as I actually tore the stitching of the "door" panel as I was sliding the inner liner into the bag (pulling it over the plastic frame). Wife re-stitched it for me without and hopefully the rest of the stitching holds up (the material didnt tear, just the stitching) much better as I didnt tug on it very hard at all (the Ofna bag has flat out been abused and this hasnt happened). I also dont care for how door flap secures when it's closed up. The sides of the container wrap around the flap (door) so you cant just reach down and pull the door up from the bottom (you have to actually remove the sides individually); not a huge deal but a zipper with a strip of velcro at the bottom would have been much easier to access in a hurry. The only other gripe I have is that there arent any wheels or handle to make transport easier. Pros: -Fair price -Looks very nice -Very wide drawers for it's size (big enough for 1/8 buggies!) -Plastic drawers make clean up much easier than cardboard drawers -Drawers are sturdier than what you get with the likes of the Ofna bag -Fairly compact overall dimensions (smaller than the Ofna bag in height and length but it is wider) -Each drawer is the same size and will hold 9 plastic organizers that are 11 3/8" x 7 3/8" x 1 9/16" (LxWxH); $2 at Harbor Freight. Cons: -Suspect stitching/durability -No wheels or handle to drag it around with -No external pockets or straps to hold peripherals w/the exception of the carry handle A picture of my bag with an 8ight 2.0, 22, and the organizer boxes can be viewed here:
adam gragg
Thursday, Oct 18 2012 (about 4 years ago)
JConcepts Medium Racing Bag
Ok bag, holds lots of stuff as long as its all light as it gets heavy fast. does not hold weight the best but fair, sc truck fits with body on but even with out wheels suspension is compressed. hard to carry when it is heavy. if it had wheels and handle is would be great.
Chris Riddington
Friday, Jan 9 2015 (about a year ago)
JConcepts Medium Racing Bag
Nice bag, great for quick practice sessions or holding extra cars.