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RCU Foxy
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Tuesday, Jun 19 2012 (about 4 years ago)
JConcepts Illuzion "Ford Raptor SVT SCT-R" Body (Clear) (One Size Fits Most)
Good body, very thick lexan, should last well. Looks fantastic. My only complaint is that this body is advertised as being directly compatible with the SCRT10, which it isn't exactly. JC includes a template for mounting body holes and provides a set of holes with the label ofna/hobao. These holes might be ok for the Hyper SC, but they are way off for the Jammin. Furthermore, some very creative cutting was needed at the back end to get it to sit properly on the rear bumper assembly (which is admittedly high on the Jammin). Nothing I couldn't fix with a dremel, but I would have thought a great company like JC would have made a bit more of an effort to make it more compatible for the SCRT10. I love that with the body mounts in their lowest position, and the suspension compressed til the chassis is flat on the floor, the top of the tires still does not touch the top of the arches. I may update this with a link (if that's possible) to a photo of how to cut and mount the body for a Jammin SCRT10 at a later date.