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Kayhan Torpil
Monday, May 13 2013 (about 3 years ago)
JConcepts Associated RC8.2e "Finnisher" Illuzion Body (Clear)
In my setup I'm using a Mamba Monster on top of a Vorza ESC tray with double battery configuration with a HUMONGOUS custom made motor cooler with a 2 inch fan. So you can imagine the cluster I have on the chassis. The ESC sits ridiculously high with double connectors around it and the 2 ich fan on the motor is taller than the rear brace! I had a Pro-Line Bulldog and due to these areas touching and actually forcing the body upwards I had severe clearance issues. I had to not only cut holes on top of the ESC and the motor but also the rear of the sides because the body would touch the rear tires at full droop. Then along came this latest body from Jconcepts. Finally, Jconcepts had the decency of sticking a CLEAR film instead of the usual light blue as in the picture so you can make some toning adjustments without getting paint on bare lexan. And I admit its FFFFFFFFUGLY and thinner than a Bulldog but man oh man what a tight fit! I couldn't believe my eyes when I trimmed and drilled it for a test fit. The fan on the motor still touches the body but the rear sides of the body are nowhere near the rear tires, even at full droop! The ESC does not touch the body and there's even room to spare! To top it off, the sides hug the stone guards so tight that I don't even need to use velcro to eliminate any ballooning effect! The lines at the front are spot on so I didn't need to trim and re trim in order to clear the steering linkage. The antennae hole is also perfectly lined up. This body is PERFECT, period.
Jay Westberg
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Aug 28 2013 (about 3 years ago)
JConcepts Associated RC8.2e "Finnisher" Illuzion Body (Clear)
Fits great under the E-buggy, clears the 4S battery better than the Punisher body. My only complaint is the glue residue left after removing the window masks.