J1S Designs "Cyclone" Carbon Fiber Flybarless Main Blade Set (695mm)

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This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.
This is the J1S Designs "Cyclone" 695mm Carbon Fiber Flybarless Main Blade Set. R/C helicopter performance has been compromised by conventional "straight wing", continuous airfoil blade designs. Flybar blades are quick and responsive around center, but are unstable in fast flight and are prone to pitching up. Flybarless blades are stable and smooth at high speeds, but deliver a slow response around center and are more demanding of your electronics. Traditional designs make it impossible for one blade to provide both characteristics, forcing pilots to choose between crisp response around center or smooth high speed tracking in fast flight; blades that try to deliver both aspects are mediocre at best...until now!

Tim Jones has developed a unique, optimized airfoil design that elevates R/C helicopter blade technology to the next level. J1S Designs Cyclone blades feature an aerodynamically optimized "tapered airfoil" that allows the CG point to be configured in a way that provides fast flight stability, without sacrificing response, or "crispness" around center. The tip shape is unique and allows large cyclic inputs even at the highest forward flight speeds, eliminating the "flutter" or sluggishness that is common with heavy flybarless blades that can stress servos and reduce cyclic rates. This also allows the power system to work more efficiently and lets the blades track with one another much better, even under the most extreme combinations of collective and cyclic pitch.

J1S Designs Cyclone blades won’t make you fly like the Beast, but will deliver the confidence, stability, response and efficiency that will make you feel like one.


Tapered Airfoil
Traditional airfoil designs force pilots to choose between crisp response around center or smooth high speed tracking in fast flight. Using high powered CAD software and the assistance of some very intelligent aeronautical engineers, J1S Designs Cyclone blades stray from the conventional straight-line "continuous airfoil" design, and feature a "tapered airfoil" design that provides stability in fast flight, without sacrificing response, or "crispness" around center. This design has been optimized for the head speeds used on modern 700 class 3D helicopters, and allows the blade to move through the air with less drag, less turbulence and improved predictability.

Swept Tip
Another aspect of blade design that is often over looked or selected purely on cosmetics is the shape of the tip. Tip shape is incredibly important and has a huge affect on the lift and overall efficiency that the blade can deliver. J1S Designs Cyclone blades feature a unique tapered, swept tip design that does two things; first, the swept tip deflects turbulent air coming off the blade tip at an angle away from the disc, and away from the next advancing blade. This allows the blade to slice through the air without having to fight the turbulent air generated by the retreating blade, and produces a quiet, more efficient blade, even under high cyclic pitch conditions! Second, it reduces the "mach number" at the tip, effectively reducing airspeed and drag without sacrificing lift. This means that even though the RPM and blade length haven't changed, the airspeed at the tip has been reduced. This reduces the stress on the power system, helping to reduce operating temperatures and increase flight times! This also gives you the option to increase your head speed for more power and improved response without sacrificing the efficiency or flight time your current setup delivers!

Pivot Point
The pivot point of the blade affects the lead/lag that the blade experiences during flight. As the blade rotates through the air it creates drag, causing the blade to pivot rearward, or "lag" in the blade grip. The location of the pivot point is critical in allowing the blade to fly at its "aerodynamic center". J1S Designs Cyclone blades feature an optimized pivot point that helps to balance the blade dynamically, resulting in blade with superior aerodynamics, and improved in-flight stability. 


  • Designed and developed by Tim Jones
  • Uses rotary wing technology developed in the UAV/Defense industries, as well as concepts found in full scale helicopters.
  • Tapered airfoil reduces drag & increases lift. Superior aerodynamics allows for a CG more toward the root for improved response without sacrificing high speed stability.
  • Swept tip reduces effective tip speed, turbulent air & increases overall efficiency.
  • Optimized lead - lag allows the blade to fly at aerodynamic center for reduced noise and increased efficiency

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Brian Langston
Verified Owner
Monday, May 20 2013 (about 3 years ago)
J1S Designs "Cyclone" Carbon Fiber Flybarless Main Blade Set (695mm)
These blades are fantastic in every way. It is doing everything I could possibly ask it to do. No longer do I have to sacrifice one characteristic for another when buying blades. You want smack, you want big air, it does it all. What I like most about them is that being a smaller blade you get the agility like you expect, but with how it is designed you get the pop of a larger blade. You don't have to sacrifice one for the other any more. As soon as I bolted them on I could feel and hear the difference. It is not something that you think you feel because your expecting a difference. Also, the efficiency of this blade is unreal! I noticed that I could raise my head speed by 50 rpm and still get the same flight time. This set of blades has been the single largest difference I have ever made to my helicopter.
Stephan Sila
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 19 2013 (about 3 years ago)
J1S Designs "Cyclone" Carbon Fiber Flybarless Main Blade Set (695mm)
I'm nowhere near the caliber of pilot as Greggor or Brian, but I HAD to write to tell about my experience with these new blades. Now, I'm a fair pilot able to do a few things, so maybe that's why I had such an amazing experience. I have them on my Compass 7HV and my Align 700 V3 so far with plans to throw additional sets on my Goblin 700 and Align V1 700. Yes, I think they're that amazing (I bought 5 sets)! I immediately noticed how quickly the Compass came off the ground, and how responsive the collective felt. You can hear the difference in the sound the blades make, too. Especially when flying big air, I noticed the lack of speed decay in loops or hurricanes. My Compass was going so fast, I wasn't sure how I was going to exit the loops! I remember overhearing Greggor comment on how well they "tracked," which I never really experienced before until I felt it in the Compass. The biggest two differences I noticed was the lack of pitch necessary to complete maneuvers and how quickly the heli transitions from forward to backward flight. My times increased because I backed way off on the collective (I'm using the same mechanical pitch of 13.5 degrees). I realized I didn't need to use full pitch when I could get the same thing done with half. It actually taught me better collective managemement. And when I transition from an upright nose first loop immediately into an inverted tail first loop, the flip is so FAST! Very little speed decay as I have experienced before. Both my helis had 695mm Edge SE's before. I was completely convinced when I flew my Align V3 harder than I've ever dared. It's quite the endorsement when Greggor stops to tell me I was "ripping it up!" All I could say was, "It's these blades! They're awesome!" I'm sure the grin was telling enough.... Thanks, Tim! Well done!
Greggor Mcgrath
Thursday, May 16 2013 (about 3 years ago)
J1S Designs "Cyclone" Carbon Fiber Flybarless Main Blade Set (695mm)
I am a a big fan of big air and smack style flying and struggled trying to find a blade that offered a bit of both characteristics. When I got a chance to fly the Cyclone blades for the first time it reminded me of the first time I went flybarless and found my self having to re learn my flying... to the good that is. The accuracy and pop were the first things I noticed right of the get go. The lift was that of a much larger blade with the quickness of a smaller blade. The way these blades track is unbelievable, if your looking for a blade that offers the best of both worlds I highly recommend trying a set out. Kudos to Tim Jones AKA "The Beast" you have truly taken 3D blade technology to the next level.
matt blaisdell
Verified Owner
Tuesday, May 13 2014 (about 2 years ago)
J1S Designs "Cyclone" Carbon Fiber Flybarless Main Blade Set (695mm)
I have flow almost every blade out there on the market. I was never a good pilot to tell the difference from one blade to another. I bought a set of these blades because I heard great things. All I can say is I will never fly another blade out there , Cyclones are all I fly. Every heli I have will have cyclones , unreal blades, wicked performance
Paul Johnson
Verified Owner
Sunday, Dec 1 2013 (about 2 years ago)
J1S Designs "Cyclone" Carbon Fiber Flybarless Main Blade Set (695mm)
I've been flying these blades for several months now I'm a fairly new pilot. I was running the Cyclones on one of my heli's and different set on other heli the Cyclones lift off quicker track great for a rookie like me just learning they have helped my auto's also Cyclones also give me more flight time. Can't go wrong with Cyclones try a set for yourself and see won't be disappointed.All my heli's have Cyclones now!!!
Brian Tran
Monday, May 13 2013 (about 3 years ago)
J1S Designs "Cyclone" Carbon Fiber Flybarless Main Blade Set (695mm)
I've flown many blades on my Raptor E720 and never before have I flown a set of blades so well balanced even when its performance spectrum is so wide. From the quick response to the superb high speed stability, the Cyclones just do not disappoint, truly the best set of blades for any type of flying; I HIGHLY recommend the purchase.