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Friday, Feb 27 2015 (about a year ago)
Hudy Quick-Tweak Station w/Aluminum Carry Case
The leveling bubble side is heavier making the whole bar not balanced. I will have to add some balancing clay to the other side to compensate. A little dissapointed in this since HUDY is such an expensive, but high quality brand. Even in thier description it states "Strategically milled-out cavities in the base plates make the HUDY Quick Tweak Station much lighter than other similar products on the market; both left and right sides are identically weighted for perfect balance" (Which is why i bought this one). Not really worth it to me to try and exchange when i can just add a bit of clay on the under side where its milled out. Overall build quality is fantastic and up to HUDY standards. Im sure its functionaly will be great as well. I also really like the Aluminum case to keep it protected.