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Verified Owner
Friday, Feb 15 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Hudy Limited Edition Tool Set w/Carrying Bag
I love using Hudy tools, they don't strip my screw on my kit. I have used other major brand name but the don't last too long of usage. I have couple set of Hudy tools for my on/off road kit. Well I don't need to talk about price as hudy user knows well that it is costly, but it really pay of itself in the long run.
oladele bolden
Wednesday, Feb 13 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Hudy Limited Edition Tool Set w/Carrying Bag
I love this set, prior to purchasing what I thought was an "Over Priced" Hudy set, I had puchased another well know brands driver set and let me just say the VERY FIRST time I used them the driver tip broke off in the head of my screw! I call the manufacture they said tough look but you "buy" a replacement tip! The remaining drivers in the set constantly striped my screwheads. After buying replacemnt screws to two of my rc's and my rc's braking because the screws couldn't be tighten with my set, I broke down and invested in this set. I must say the very first thing that caught my attention is how light they are. The tips all fit precisely and snuggly in the screwheads preventing stripping. The sizes are cleverly and clearly marked by silver bands on the handles. How many times have you been at the track and a fellow rc racer say " can I borrow your 2mm driver" and forgeting to get it back at the end of the race. Fret no more the handle has space to have your name engraved, personalizing your tools. I can't speak highly enough about this kit. The are reamers are priceless, the body reamer has measurements on it so you can make precise holes. This kit will pay for it self by the lack of repairs you will have to make on your kit because of using these tools. Best thing in my pit box!
David Bartholomew
Verified Owner
Saturday, Oct 15 2016 (1 week ago)
Hudy Limited Edition Tool Set w/Carrying Bag
This tool set is amazing. I actually enjoy getting to use these tools.... etc etc. I do have one complaint, nothing major but here it is. The shafts are locked into the handle with a set screw on a small flat section of shaft, like a pinion gear. However none of the tools in my set were assembled properly they were all locked down on the round section of the shaft. I learned this on the first use and had the shaft spin. I had to manually set every tool. Well I can't say all of them, because to set the screwdrivers (flat tips) on the small flat you will gain over an inch in length, and they will no longer fit in the case. For the premium quality tools with the premium price this is something that should not have been overlooked.