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mitch vale
Verified Owner
Thursday, Feb 23 2012 (about 4 years ago)
HPI Racing Savage XS Flux RTR Micro Monster Truck
this truck is awesome. It's the first electric truck i have owned. i run mine on a 2s lipo battery and it is very fast, running on 3s would be insane.Very impressed with the durability of the parts as i have had no problem with it at all. The only problem i have had was when i hit a gutter, but this truck is so easy to work on and has a very good parts diagram that i had no problem at all fixing it.
Marvin R Lyman
Wednesday, Mar 28 2012 (about 4 years ago)
HPI Racing Savage XS Flux RTR Micro Monster Truck
This little monster is my 3rd unit... well put together and a dream to work first Savage and not my last... I am going to get the XS SS kit and build it to my specs... my first one is geared as low as possible and can handle any tire in the 2.2" class and still out run the compitition (I don't think there is any) If you're thinking of getting a fast unit look no further than Savage XS you will not be disappointed... I love my little monster... even stock it will blow you away right out of the box I run 2S 5000 ahm batteries and these are great... as said before I see no reason to run a 3S yet they are capable doing so...just gear them correctly.. removinbg the gear box is simple and fun all the tools needed come in your kit.. happy running keep on trucking
Tuesday, Feb 28 2012 (about 4 years ago)
HPI Racing Savage XS Flux RTR Micro Monster Truck
it is a good truck! the only problem i had was after running it for the first 10 minutes, the motor gear came loose and it took close to 45 minutes taking it apart and fixing the gear and putting it back together. it is very durable. i've crashed so many times, and the only thing i've lost are the turnbuckles. 3s lipo is kinda useless without changing the gears because it just tends to do backflips if you bump the throttle just a little bit. stick to 2s as i've also heard of ESC's catching on fire with 3s.
Anibal Rovira
Tuesday, Feb 21 2012 (about 4 years ago)
HPI Racing Savage XS Flux RTR Micro Monster Truck
I only run the truck for 2 days and then the ESC fail, i send it 2 HPI and has been pass 4 month, I would not recommend this to a friend
Monster Bash productions @
Tuesday, Sep 17 2013 (about 3 years ago)
HPI Racing Savage XS Flux RTR Micro Monster Truck
READ ALL OF IT or none at all: after having htis truck for a while, i really need to give a review from an honest basher. GREAT BANG FOR THE BUCK. this truck is so capable and amazing! its so good, that DON'T BUY IT. hahaha! it funny how i say its great but don't buy it. the truck kit itself is so durable and i've only broken a couple skimpy body posts and an a arm from using homemade arm pins. so the truck is incredibly durable. the electroncis BAAADDDD. servo is extremely slow, the radio system glitched and dyed on me (just a dud), the motor is ok, the esc sucks of all and burnt and is glitchy. so my opinion. GET THIS TRUCK! BUT!!!! buy the kit version they sell, they give you good upgrade parts such as aluminum shocks which are nice but not needed, and cvds which are needed. so its an awesome truck!! but buy your own electronics. the new castle sv3 (NEW waterproof) is a good option for people on a budget. a hitec 646-wp servo (waterproof), and your choice of battery and radio system.
Vickie Turner
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 9 2012 (about 4 years ago)
HPI Racing Savage XS Flux RTR Micro Monster Truck
I have had this truck since june and i have had ups and downs with it. The first part i broke was after 10 minutes of driving, i broke a shock rod end. This has been the most consistant problem i have had, and i have went thru the whole shock part kit. Then after this i finnaly got a good run and the dogbone broke. But it was in a bad area were a hill was and the tires was spining and it caught a rock. Then the axles broke and the slipper clutch went out. I have went thru 3 slipper pads but the screw and nut were coming undone and i used locktite, do not use if you need to readjust slipper becsuse it will not come off. So after all of this is started durability testing and it was very durable no plastic broke for two weeks. Then i went on my track and broke a shock end. so after all the frustration i wanted to upgrade but that was put on hold because i needee maitenance parts. I got brand new tires and 2-5 packs later the esc went out. They sent a new one to me but it started jittering and it got really hot and broke. so i called them again to see what the problem is and they said they would send me another one. two days later i called to ask how to fix the shock problem and they told me they would no longer warranty any thing welse including the esc they told me they would refund. so i talked to the manager and he said he would warranty it but they would not do anything else. He said that they had done alot more to help me get up and running. but the first day they said they would not warranty the shock parts. it sounds like they don't want to take responsibility to see the defects in their vehicle and warranty it. the best upgrade would be the esc i would put a mambo monsta in it. that is what i am going to try. if your are willing to upgrade things this will be a great truck compared to the merv but it does not have the rtr value to it. overall i am kinda happy but i have spent hundreds in it. thanks for reading.
Cyrus Mistry
Verified Owner
Thursday, Nov 29 2012 (about 3 years ago)
HPI Racing Savage XS Flux RTR Micro Monster Truck
This truck... rocks! Out of the box the quality control was not great. A few things had to be tightened (wheels, drive cup bolts), a lesson I learned the hard way. However the material quality and build design is great. This truck can take a BASHING. I have run it into curbs and walls at high speeds and it is always resilient. 50-ft. cartwheels and nothing breaks. After 2-3 runs to get the quirks tightened, it has run consistently well for me. What I love about the Savage XS is that it can bash and jump off-road like a champ, then tear up the parking lots at awesome speeds. I am running stock gearing and 2S and it is plenty fun. I'll order a 3S when I get bored but I'm sure it's overkill. I haven't had any issues with my ESC, but many people did with earlier trucks. Overall, I highly recommend this truck. It'll take a beating, and for $300, it's a ton of fun!