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jonathan varner
Saturday, Sep 29 2012 (about 4 years ago)
HobbyZone Super Cub DSM RTF Electric Airplane
I purchased this as my very first plane after a lot of research. I got this one partly because the parts were readily available at my lhs and partly because its on the tops of other people's lists for the best trainer plane. I also purchased the phoenix flight sim at the same time. Set-up went very smoothly and was very straight forward. Before my first flight I took to the sim, and it has the Supercub on it, so I put a few hours into that specifically. That helped a ton. On my first flight, which lasted about 7min, I had no trouble at all. The plane glides very well if you lose power. As a high-wing trainer, I love this plane. The more time I spent on the sim, the easier this was to fly. So if you are new, get this plane and a sim. It will save time, money, and heartache.
James Swensson
Wednesday, Apr 17 2013 (about 3 years ago)
HobbyZone Super Cub DSM RTF Electric Airplane
I have two of the HBZ7400 trainers. This is an easy plane to fly, however, if it had alerions it would be sooo much easier. The rudder for steering is very slow but assembly is quick. The instructions are very good. I flew my first plane and had a few crashes. The repairs are very easy if you have packing tape and epoxy. The second HBZ7400 I modified and installed alerions with a single servo ( U tube has great " how to " videos ) The receiver has a alerion location and works very well. Once the alerions are installed flying is so much easier with so much control. I also upgraded the 480 brush motor to a brushless oiutrunner and a brushless ECU ( 30 amp ) The plane takes off in about 10 feet and goes vertical. The alerions allows you to fly in tighter spaces. I am so pleased with the modified HBZ7400 I'm going to upgrade the second one as well.... For the brushless motor ( which is much smaller and draws less power, but has much more low end torque ) there is a replacement motor mount that is made for the HBZ7400 brushless motor installation, for $16. 00, that puts the brushless motor at the exact location as the 480 motor, with the proper tilt. The end result is incredible. I wish HobbyZone would come out with a alerion version of the HBZ7400, but in the mean time, modifing the current version is fairly easy but you must be creative and have spare parts to do the job !! I'm so happy with the results and the flying time is so much more fun, with many less crashes, because you have so much more control with alerions. One more thing, I installed 3" foam wheels onto the existing landing gear so taking off on grass fields is smooth.
Shaun Williams
Verified Owner
Tuesday, May 28 2013 (about 3 years ago)
HobbyZone Super Cub DSM RTF Electric Airplane
This was my second plane, The first was the HZ Champ which is much smaller and as a new flyer I think is much harder to fly compared to this Super Cub, The super cub is a really fun and easy plane to fly, Easier to fix then the champ, The champs main wing is CA glued on while the Super Cub is rubber banded. I wish I would have spent a little more money and got the Super cub the first time. The champ does not handle wind at all while the cub is much easier to control. I would highly recommend this plane to any new beginner, although I will say my flight Simulator made it much easier with just a few hours of practice before I flew it, That I had done while it was shipping to me, Invest in a flight simulator and the Cub will be amazing for all flyers.