Hobbywing XERUN Justock Zero Spec Sensored Brushless ESC/Motor Combo (21.5T)

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The Hobbywing XERUN Justock Zero Spec Sensored Brushless ESC/Motor Combo was developed for Zero-timing spec racing. The ESC timing has been permanently set to 0, to ensure 100% fair and competitive racing when racing in spec motor classes.

Hobbywing's XERUN Justock 3650 Sensored Brushless Motors are a great low cost option for stock class club racing. Featuring a heat resistant magnet attached steel case, double insulated windings, precision bearings, fixed endbell and a heavy duty balanced rotor, the Justock 3650 delivers outstanding performance and durability that makes them an excellent club handout motor for spec series racing, as well as a practice motor.


  • ESC:
    • High Reliability & Durability: Reliable hardware with advanced software allows the XR10 Justock to provide high power output and overload protection.
    • Efficient Heat Dissipation: The modified heat sink provides increased surface area. This, combined with Hobbywing's patented copper heat conductive plates, allows heat to be quickly transferred to the heatsink for dissipation. The added high performance fan creates a reliable heat management system for maximum cooling.
    • Small Footprint: The small, compact size allows the XR10 Justock to fit most 1/10 touring car, 1/12 pan and F1 applications.
    • Many Applications: The ESC was designed for 1/10 touring car, 1/12 pan and F1 applications, but is an excellent choice for any spec racing class. Plus, when paired with a 32T or similar motor, it is an ideal low cost choice for rock crawler applications.
    • Single Button Programming & Factory Reset: The Set button on the ESC allows the user to easily program or reset the ESC to default mode.
    • Regular Firmware Updates: Upgrade the XR10 Justock with the Hobbywing USB Link software, multifunction LCD program box and a PC. Hobbywing updates the ESC firmware regularly, giving you access to upgraded features on a consistent basis.
  • Motor:
    • Linear & Smooth Control: The built in hall sensor and non adjustable end bell, combined with a precision, balanced rotor provides smooth and linear power.
    • Dustproof & Heat Conductive Silicone O-ring Seal: The o-ring installed between the end bell and stator helps to conduct inner heat to the motor case, and also prevents dust from entering the hall sensor.
    • Plug & Play: Built in 3.5mm low impedance bullet connectors provide a stable, low resistance connection and allow easy motor removal without a soldering iron.
    • Re-Buildable Design: The end bell can be easily removed for routine maintenance and for replacement of common wear parts, such as the rotor, bearings and sensor module.
    • Compatibility: This motor is compatible with all ESC's, but is a perfect match for the XR10 Justock ESC and all other Hobbywing ESC's. It is a great choice for Stock or Sport classes, but is a great choice for beginners or racers looking for a practice motor.
    • IFMAR/ROAR Compliant: Motor is designed within IFMAR/ROAR specifications.


  • ESC:
    • Model: XERUN XR10 Justock
    • Cont./Peak Current: 60A/380A
    • Motor Limit: Sensored / Sensorless Brushless Motor
    • Applications: 1/10, 1/12 on-road & off-road CLUB competition and normal training
    • Motor Limit:
    • 2S LiPo/4-6S NiMH: ≥8.5T (1/10 on-road), ≥11.5T (1/10 off-road)
    • 3S LiPo/8-9S NiMH:≥13.5T (1/10 on-road), ≥17.5T (1/10 off-road)
    • LiPo/NiMH Cells: 2-3S LiPo/4-9S NiMH
    • BEC Output: 6V, 2A (Line-mode BEC)
    • Fan (Included): Powered by the stable BEC output voltage of 6V
    • Connectors: Input End: No, Output End: No
    • Size: 33.5x28.5x30.5mm
    • Weight: 59.8g
    • ESC Programming: Via the Rx Cable (or Throttle Control Cable)
  • Motor:
    • Turn: 21.5T
    • KV (No-load): 1750Kv
    • LiPo: 2~3S
    • Resistance: 0.075Ω
    • No-load Current: 1.2A
    • Max. Output Power: 110W
    • Current at the point of M.O.P: 35A
    • Dimension: 35.8x52.5mm
    • Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm
    • Shaft Length: 15mm
    • Pole: 2
    • Weight: 197g
    • Applications: 1/10, 1/12 On-Road & Off-Road (choose the motor based on competition rules and chosen class). Rock Crawler (21.5T only)

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Aaron Larsen
Average Rating: 5
Saturday, Mar 10 2018 (10 months ago)
Hobbywing XERUN Justock Zero Spec Sensored Brushless ESC/Motor Combo (21.5T)
I have this combo in my Axial 10.2
I "waterproofed" the esc boards and the sensor board in the motor with conformal coating.
They are phenomenal in my application. I have the 25.5t in my TF2.
Some advice: if you use this esc, also buy the program box and update it to newest firmawwre. There is a crawler update that makes this esc much more crawler friendly.
Average Rating: 2
Tuesday, Feb 20 2018 (11 months ago)
Hobbywing XERUN Justock Zero Spec Sensored Brushless ESC/Motor Combo (21.5T)
I didn't buy this, but I am giving an experience for a friend. The ESC works great and is an awesome low-budget sensored esc. The motor also works great, quite fast for a 21.5 with zero timing and was close to my Trinity D4. However, he burned out the motor within 2 months. Now before you say "Well it was overgeared" This was in a 1/12 pan car, and we gear our cars to a 89 rollout, which is right. And the motor barely gets warm after an 8 minute run. My guess is the sensorboard went out. I would buy this ESC, but not the motor.