Helion Rock Rider Brushless RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer

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The Helion Rock Rider Brushless RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer takes the existing Rock Rider platform, and gives it a facelift with a striking paint job, combined with a more powerful 3300kV brushless motor and 50A all-weather ESC. This is packed into the proven, 4WD powertrain that has been thoroughly tested in the full range of off-road conditions and has passed with flying colors.

Pop the clips, lift the body and beneath youíll find a finely-tuned blend of high-strength composites that combine with a proven transmission and suspension system to provide traction and stability when you most need it. The solid 6-link rear axle offers almost limitless tuning options, plus corner-to-corner aluminum threaded shocks for easy pre-load adjustment, smooth movement, and consistent handling. Topped with an independent front suspension system and high-grip all-weather tires all the crucial performance boxes have been checked. With hex hardware throughout, a fully protected spur gear housing and a shock-absorbing sprung servo saver, low maintenance and durability are a priority, too.

A take-anywhere trailblazer, mud bogger, hill climber and dust blaster, the Rock Rider Brushless is a performance-driven all-terrain rock bouncer that could quickly become your grab Ďní go truck for every occasion.



  • Rear Axle: Scale in appearance and offering the same benefits as a 1:1 Rock Racer, a 6-link rear axle with offset pumpkin offers almost limitless tuning options and improves ground clearance.
  • Ready to Run: The Helion Rock Rider BL is supplied 100% factory assembled and ready to run. Included is a rechargeable 7-cell, 8.4V 1800mAh battery, mains charger and 2-channel 2.4GHz IKONNIK ET3 radio system with fully proportional steering and throttle control. All you need to complete is 4 ĎAAí batteries for the transmitter.
  • Front Suspension: An independent front suspension system combined with high-grip all-weather tires offers ultimate off-road stability and traction.
  • Transmission Cover: To improve reliability, reduce wear and keep you on the off-road for longer, weíve given the spur gear fully enclosed belt and braces protection.
  • Easy Access: Convenient maintenance access to the rear heavy-duty differential is via a scale-effect cover plate thatís secured with four hex bolts.
  • Scale Detailing: Realistic off-road style wheels, a spare, a roll cage, driver and co driver plus numerous other details make this the perfect canvas for adding your own scale accessories and making the Rock Rider BL a true one-off.
Motor: 3300kV brushless
ESC: 50A brushless
Battery: 7-cell 1800mAh NiMH, HCT plug
Gear Pitch: 48P
Wheels: 2.2 with 12mm hex
Length: 501mm (19.72in)
Height: 229mm 9.0in)
Width: 300mm (11.81in)
Wheelbase: 321mm (12.64in)
Weight (approx): 2740g (6.04lb)
Gear ratio: 11.2:1
Pair with: IKONNIK Krypton protocol

  • Rock Rider Brushless 4WD rock racing truck
  • IKONNIK ET3 2.4GHz steerwheel transmitter
  • 1800mAh 7-cell 8.4V NiMH battery
  • Mains charger for 8.4V NiMH battery
Needed to Complete:
  • (4) AA-size batteries for the transmitter

This product was added to our catalog on July 20, 2017

Isaiah Bateman
Average Rating: 5
Friday, Jul 21 2017 (about a year ago)
Helion Rock Rider Brushless RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
This is an amazing buggy!! super fun and fast, stock with a 2s will go 36.7 mph , may not sound fast but a stock x maxx with a 6s goes 32 mph.. and I have beaten my rock rider a ton and I'm very pleased with it. would recommend to all my friends and family.
David M
Average Rating: 2
Saturday, Mar 17 2018 (10 months ago)
Helion Rock Rider Brushless RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
Like most have said the rock rider is VERY FRAGILE! Bought the car cause it seemed like it could do it all. Crawl, climb, high speed, jumps, all terrain etc... and was decently priced RTR.

Well right out of the box the charger it comes with is junk. Only charged the included battery 25% after 8 hours so got 2 min run time and the rear body mounting pin snapped right off while putting the clip on. 2nd run after buying a after market charger the chassis snapped not even 30 seconds in at the lower link mounting location. Swapped in the aluminum chassis. 3rd run one of the rear shocks completely fell apart. 4th run sheared the rear drive shaft coupler right off. (This was all in the first week of owning it)

Very disappointing. Like others have said it is not a crawler, 0 low end torque at a dead stop, you need a run at anything to make it up. Iím now afraid to jump it or do anything full throttle in fear of breaking something. The car is very fun when itís not broke and is insanely fast! But unfortunately itís broken and being worked on 90% of the time.
Average Rating: 2
Sunday, Feb 4 2018 (12 months ago)
Helion Rock Rider Brushless RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
This truck is far from a rock racer.Incredibly fast on the street with just 8.4v nimh, though it lacks torque for starting on incline from a stop. Tends to overheat the esc, requiring a power off cycle. In a little over a month we have been through 3 center driveshafts for pins walking out, one which ate into the motor housing, 3 front diffs due to poor metal quality. Bearings fall apart on disassembly. The rear plastic hex adapters rounded off causing one tire nut to eat through the wheel. Broken steering rack. The motor mount broke out of the center diff housing. The well known chassis snap at the rear suspension connection. Upgraded to the aluminum which also bent on both sides in the same spot. The aluminum chassis suspension tabs need to be gusseted or reinforced. No gear sets available to lower gear ratio. Only aftermarket parts available are through hobby town/ amain. While it could be a great truck, it has spent more time disassembled and waiting for parts than running. One run after repair and the next thing lets go. Very frustrating. For $300, there are way better options with unlimited upgrade parts available. I would be happy overall if this truck was able to be upgraded with better mechanicals/gear sets. Bottom line the truck is too fast for its components with too few or no necessary upgrades available to compensate.
Angelo Raimundo
Average Rating: 5
Monday, Jun 18 2018 (7 months ago)
Helion Rock Rider Brushless RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
I didn't purchase this here, but I'm writing a review because 3 stars don't do this car justice. The first time I ran this with a 3S lipo, it accelerated so hard that it picked the front wheels and rolled violently. The only damage it took was a blown shock. The lower cap came undone. I planned on rebuilding the shocks with thicker shock oil and adjusting the shock angles anyway. Considering it's a brushless high power/speed car, you can't expect it to be bomb proof. Even higher end vehicles with this kind of power will break if you don't treat it right. There are a ton of aluminum/carbon upgrades for this car, so if I were to break something, I'll just replace it with something beefier. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase. It's a great deal for a brushless 4x4 set up.
Tylor Adams
Average Rating: 1
Monday, Mar 26 2018 (10 months ago)
Helion Rock Rider Brushless RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
People been say this buggy has been braking easily Iíve only broken the shocks supports things donít know what there really called and Iíve broken the chassis by launching it 10ft into the air and very low torque and have to get a run and start to go up a hill
Rick Dean
Average Rating: 3
Sunday, Feb 11 2018 (11 months ago)
Helion Rock Rider Brushless RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
Very low initial torque, so not for crawling at all. Pretty fast but SUPER fragile. Very fun when itís not broken.
John Conner
Average Rating: 3
Verified Owner
Sunday, Dec 10 2017 (about a year ago)
Helion Rock Rider Brushless RTR 4WD Electric Rock Racer
I had mine for about 3 days. Havenít been very rough but somehow the chassis snapped. Other than that it is an amazing rc and very fast.