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Craig Smith
Sunday, Mar 21 2010 (about 6 years ago)
HB Racing Aluminum Front Spindle Carrier Set (10°)
These are great to have for the truggy I have not had a problem yet when you mount them make sure you use the middle hole on top. They dont way mch more than the stock hubs and they are much stronger. You cant go wrong with these.
Robert Mayfield
Verified Owner
Sunday, Sep 8 2013 (about 3 years ago)
HB Racing Aluminum Front Spindle Carrier Set (10°)
I got a set of these for the d8t.i have no problem with these binding or drop at all. I'm not sure if the have an old version or not cause of the one guys post but I still have full drop. I'm wondering if he was using the fixing ball or not. It did come with two style of fixing ball the hollow kind and the kind with a4 Mill screw. These you will need a4 Mill screw to get them to bolt up for the hollow fixing ball.i did not know that when I ordered them so I had to I got another order coming I got some 4x20 Mill and some 4x25 Mill coming in my next packages. not sure which I will need yet but I know for sure the 4x25 will work just fine. I'm giving these guys a5 Star's all the way.i looked very hard for them to bind but could not see a single binding at all.
michael mcghee
Verified Owner
Friday, Feb 26 2010 (about 6 years ago)
HB Racing Aluminum Front Spindle Carrier Set (10°)
The rear aluminum hubs for the d8 are awsome. But the alloy front ones are a very poor design. They don't allow the suspension to travel its full range without things binding up. I put them on my car and started with the camber links in a position that was close to the stock setting used with the composite carriers. When the suspension is compressed the inner edge of the carrier hits the rod end before the shock can be fully compressed. Major step backwards for a top-notch company like Hot Bodies.