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Simon Turner
Wednesday, Jun 17 2015 (about a year ago)
Great Planes Extra 300SP .46-.81 EP/GP ARF
This is an excellent quality piece of kit, which went together quite painlessly all in all and flew with nothing but one click of trim on its maiden. It has been all a kid learning the art of RC flying has needed, able to do anything we asked of it with the exception of hovering under the OS 46 engine. In hindsight we would have tucked the bigger engine in the cowl, but to be honest, there's been no reason to upgrade or move to a different airplane. Nothing has fallen off, broken or let us down. It's been a hoot flying this thing upside down at high speed a few feet off the runway. Easy landings too. I would add a warning that the magnetic cockpit cover catches seem a bit sketchy. Seeing that replacement cockpits require the purchase of a whole new fuselage (what's up with that?) I recommend the addition of an extra rare earth magnet to the rear cockpit bulkhead.