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Brett Bowen
Monday, Aug 24 2015 (about a year ago)
Gmade R1 1/10 Rock Buggy Kit
This rig is very capable and has a lot of potential. Because it used the 'portal' axles, the front and rear axle height increase for additional ground clearance that really helps out with some of the rocks. The design is a little tight for electronics and you have to be careful with your battery size, but it all works out. The only downside are the phillips screws included with the kit, those should be Hex IMO. And maybe better tires; the stock ones were not impressive.
Jack Goukassian
Verified Owner
Friday, Dec 4 2015 (10 months ago)
Gmade R1 1/10 Rock Buggy Kit
I love this buggy kit the parts are very high quality and it looks awesome.