Furitek Lizard 20A Brushed/Brushless ESC Combo w/Bluetooth Module

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Furitek Lizard 20A Brushed/Brushless ESC Combo
Price: $64.99
In Store Only
This item is only available for purchase exclusively from our retail stores. Click here to find a store near you. It has been replaced by FTK-FUR-2073.
The Lizard dual Brushed and Brushless ESC from Furitek is flexible with it's design allowing drivers to use the original brushed motor system, or aftermarket sensorless or sensored brushless motors for Axial SCX24 vehicles. Drivers looking for improved performance, without any extra channel requirements, the Lizard is the ideal choice for performance focused drivers. 

Furitek focused on providing and improved crawling experience when designing new ESC's for the scale platform. Thanks to field-oriented control (FOC) technology, Lizard can allow your SCX24 to crawl at a snails pace with ease. Overall the Lizard provides stable and powerful torque, low noise, high efficiency, and offers high-speed dynamic response. 

For users looking for telemetry, the Lizard has you covered. When paired with the bluetooth module, users can see telemetry data on both Apple and Android devices via the FuriCar app.

Features at a Glance:
  • Brushless and Brushed motor control (default is brushless)
  • 1.5A 5.5V BEC
  • Small size
  • Smart device programming for Apple iOS and Android devices
  • Firmware updateable 
  • Realtime telemetry with 10Hz update rate
  • AAA and LiPo battery support with auto detection
  • Compatible with all transmitter and receiver types
24x12.4mm (LxW)
Weight: ~2.1g
Battery Type: 4x AAA | 2s 7.4V LiPo | 2s 7.2V LiIo
Motor Type: Brushed DC | Sensorless Brushless DC | Sensored Brushless DC
BEC Output: 5.5V, 1.5A
ESC Current: 20A Constant | 40A Burst
Waterproof: NO

  • (1) Furitek 20A ESC
  • (1) Bluetooth Module
  • (1) JST 2.0 to Banana Motor Cable
  • (1) External ESC Cable
  • (1) Heat shrink tube

This product was added to our catalog on May 5, 2021

Verified Owner
Saturday, Feb 12 2022 (3 months ago)
Furitek Lizard 20A Brushed/Brushless ESC Combo
Well it works well bit the wire going to the receiver is like 28 gage. One wore pulled out of 3pin with first hour. It has been hit and miss when it works.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Dec 30 2021 (5 months ago)
Furitek Lizard 20A Brushed/Brushless ESC Combo
So easy to use and the Bluetooth function is great for changing the setting on the fly from your phone very small so it’s to fit in the rc the on/off button seem to never work like it’s always stuck on so I just plug and unplug the battery.
Verified Owner
Friday, Jul 2 2021 (11 months ago)
Furitek Lizard 20A Brushed/Brushless ESC Combo
Really loving this esc in my SCX24. Comes with cabling that works with both brushed and brushless motors. Using it with the bluetooth connector and app lets you set up some great curves. You can get some slow slow slow controlled crawls. You will need a replacement receiver to use with this since the normal SCX contains a combo esc/receiver. To me thats another great feature. The Axial transmitter feels surprisingly robust for the cost of an SCX24 but I still prefer replacing them for my radio of choice.