FTW Racing Carbon Fiber Fan Mount w/40mm Fan

FTW Racing
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This item is discontinued and no longer available for purchase. You may want to search our site for a similar item.

This is an optional FTW R/C Carbon Fiber Fan Mount with an included 40mm Fan. Fear not the thermal assault on your SCTE's motor. FTW's cooling fan kit can lower motor temps by up to 40 degrees when compared to the same setup with no fan. This made-in-the-USA carbon fiber bracket bolts on in place of the center diff brace and suspends the massive 40mm cooling fan over the motor can. Expect side effects like increased power, longer run times, and increased motor longevity.

FTW's Cooling Fan Kit is a bolt-on, plug-and-play kit equipped with a JST connector on the fan wire lead and includes all necessary hardware for installation. It is highly recommended that you seal the edges of the carbon fiber bracket with cyanoacrylate (CA) glue prior to installation.


  • Fits Losi TEN-SCTE and SCTE 2.0
  • Fabricated from genuine quasi-isotropic carbon fiber sheet
  • 40mm 5v fan
  • Hardware included
  • American Made

This product was added to our catalog on September 28, 2011.

ryan russell
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jun 7 2012 (about 4 years ago)
FTW Racing Carbon Fiber Fan Mount w/40mm Fan
ran the fan on my scte tonite within 2 battery packs, the fan had lost one blade. called a main and there getting me a new fan.. i hope this isnt going to be an ongoing thing...
Christopher Hadzi
Verified Owner
Monday, Feb 3 2014 (about 2 years ago)
FTW Racing Carbon Fiber Fan Mount w/40mm Fan
Not good value for the money. The carbon mount looks good however, it is let down by the remainder of the design. When using a 540 motor the screws that hold the fan to the carbon mount stick out the bottom thus are very close to the motor's solder points. The metal spacers need to be replaced by a two carbon spacers (similar to the Jammin Losi Carbon Top Plate & Spacer Set). The plug also needs to be changed to the more common servo plug. However, once installed works well to keep motor cooler, although already replaced the fan twice.
Kevin Geiger
Verified Owner
Friday, Jan 31 2014 (about 2 years ago)
FTW Racing Carbon Fiber Fan Mount w/40mm Fan
I’m a guy that never leaves reviews….I just read them and appreciate that someone else that took the time to leave feedback. I was skeptical of buying this because of the other reviews but my hobby shop owner had one on his truck for a few days and said it really helped to reduce heat and the carbon looked pretty cool. So I pulled the trigger. Both the hobby shop owner and myself had lost all the blades off the fan but one after a few sessions on the small indoor clay track. Other observations, the screws are a little long one is maybe ¼ inch away from hitting the solder points on the motor (this is why they include the spacers – makes it a tad more difficult to install). Also the fan is a two pin connection and to correct the other review left – you can simply plug in the two pin connection to your receiver. You might be better off replacing the fan with a different manufacturer since it seems to be a common problem.
Matt Kartozian
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 11 2013 (about 3 years ago)
FTW Racing Carbon Fiber Fan Mount w/40mm Fan
This is the worst RC product I have ever owned. While the carbon fiber looks pretty, everything else about the kit is junk. In a single practice run all of the fan blade except one broke off the fan. The design of the product as a whole is also terrible. The fan comes with a 2 pin computer plug, not a servo plug. So you have to cut it off and put on a servo plug of your own. Just what you expect from a $50 product right? The screws that hold the fan to the CF mount are too long and stick out the bottom. The mounts uses awkward spacers between the center diff mount and the CF fan mount making it a giant pain to assemble as well as leaving the spur gear unprotected. Basically FTW cuts a nice looking piece of CF then throws it in a bag with a bunch of junk and call it good at a premium price.
Rich Delchiaro
Verified Owner
Thursday, Aug 9 2012 (about 3 years ago)
FTW Racing Carbon Fiber Fan Mount w/40mm Fan
Been running this fan on pro 4 4600kv for about 4 months now- drastically reduces motor temps and has ran flawlessly
Jake Cypert
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Jul 4 2012 (about 4 years ago)
FTW Racing Carbon Fiber Fan Mount w/40mm Fan
Very nice quality. Mount looks great and the fan really keeps motor temps down! Been running it for a couple months with no issues.