Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)

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The FT Corsair represents a new chapter of Flite Test scratch built aircraft! Using techniques developed by John Overstreet which he has also used in his metalworking, this plane uses "mold together" techniques instead of the traditional "fold together" techniques that Flite Test planes are primarily known for. Peeling the paper and curving the foam not only gives the airplanes amazing scale looks but also makes it fly as good as it looks!

On this Corsair, you'll notice the beautiful curves in the airfoil and the fuselage that is a result of some of the new techniques that we are introducing. While some of these techniques will feel new if this is not your first Flite Test build, please know that once you learn them, they will be carrying over to future Flite Test aircraft so you can put them to use on future designs. There are also techniques used in the build that you are going to be very familiar with if you have built previous Flite Test aircraft.

This aircraft has a very wide envelope of speed and performance to match your skill level. Though this airplane does introduce some new build techniques you can consider it a beginner to an intermediate flyer! Bumping it up to a 4 cell battery can even give the most advanced pilots a great experience. 

Wingspan: 46 Inches (1168mm)
Center of Gravity: 2 Inches (51mm) back from the leading edge

 Kit Includes:

  • Laser-cut Foam Airframe
  • Firewall
  • Push Rods
  • Control Horns

Needed to Complete:

This product was added to our catalog on February 26, 2019

Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 13 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
Bought the FT Corsair (1168) and flight pack C.

Watched the video instruction which is pretty comprehensive and long. It does a good job but I think a few tricks could make the job easier. Possibly using a dough roller maybe easier then forming the foam by using the edge of a table. Also covering seems with glued strips of foam paper from left over scraps may give a cleaner look to the plane as I did.
It took me 3 full days to build this plane, but I have never built a foam model before and only a simple balsa model 20 years ago.
For me this plane was a real challenge. I made 2 big mistakes. One was putting a bulk head in upside down (how stupid) which needed to be cut out and reinstalled and the other was putting in the rudder assembly too far forward requiring cutting it out and reinstalling so the linkage for the rudder properly lined up. These mistakes were my fault do to not being attentive enough to the instructions.
I am an impatient person so I often want to jump ahead which is not something you want to do with this model. The quality of my workmanship was not all that great, but nevertheless the results, I think, were good. My plane looks decent but the finish with smooth unwrinkled foam curves and perfect seems is not nearly as good as John's, the instructors.
One problem was I bought a glue gun for $6.00 from Dollar General which did not work as good, I believe, as the one used by Flitetest. I had to continually reload it and the glue stream was not so consistent. You need a 60 watt gun not a 40 watt
The build videos were straight forward and clear, but there is a lot there and you must listen to all details in the video. The one part not covered is how the motor goes together with which parts to hold the propeller. It appears the propeller is attached to the main motor body using a special attachment and they spin together on a diminutive motor base with wires to which the mounting bracket is attached. I have never seen such an arrangement and hope I have it figured correctly.
I was drawn to this project because of the smooth curves an beauty of the model and the innovated way it is built and designed. It is a magnificent project. When I happened to come across it I just jumped in, bought, and started building. I got it done in 3 days of pretty much non stop work. Experienced and smarter guys could complete it much faster.....less than a day?
Thanks John and Flitetest for bringing this design out as a kit. I have now something that I am proud to have built and enjoy so much.
One more thing. Please support this model guys. Hopefully with your support of this model it will be a prelude for more such designs .
John must of put in a tremendous amount of time creating this kit and making the videos along with Flitetest. With your support of this kit he will be hopefully inspired to bring out other great designs. His creation is genius. Take advantage of his effort.
Look how beautiful the model is - what a beast - and it only costs $50.00. Join me and jump in. It was a lot of fun building and it looks also fun flying which is my next endeavor. Forget your wife, the girl friend, the cat, and the next episode of 'Big Bag Theory'.... the build is mesmerizing. Have Fun!
Verified Owner
Monday, May 6 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
Finally, I have the privilege to review the FT-Corsair. A month passed waiting on the weather to cooperate. I wanted to fly first before writing this review and almost gave up.
First, the build was enjoyable, challenging and I learned much. I watched the build video several times and also while building. John Overstreet made everything look easy and for the most part, it was.
I made a few missteps and thought to share with future builders.
Before that a couple of things, I did differently.
I added trim tape to the cowl vents and 1/2" onto the cowl this held them in place during assembly. That turned out nicely, I added balsa wood leading edges to the wing, for better looks and protection. I used 3/8 X 3/8 stick but, 5/16th would take less sanding. If anyone does this, use blue tape to protect the wing while sanding the leading edge.
Missteps, I took too long fiddling with overlapping joints at section edges and ended up getting the guidelines a little off. The stabilizer saddle ended up way off and took a lot of trimming to get level. Later I learned that a strip of paper glued with foam glue took care of joint overlap and looked good. Next build I will only look at upper and lower guidelines and plan on covering joints with strips.
The tail section became very flimsy from me overworking it and leaving it wrapped and rubberbanded too long. I ended tail heavy in part because of the oversize fillet in an attempt to beef up the vertical stab and tail section. After some thought, I removed a part of the rear section and added a small block of foam to sure up the vertical stab front dowl.
I removed all fillet and extra hot glue. That allowed 1&1/4 oz weight removed from the nose. The reinforcing block a 1&1/2" long, two sheets thick, 1" wide and glued into the top of the former opening where the dowl will go through it, will be in my next build. It may sound heavy but, it is light and makes the vertical very strong.
I am pleased with how it turned out. There is a picture on Flight Test Fans of the Corsair from my wife's facebook Under Umpon. It is blue with a yellow stripe, Flight Test logo, and comment from John that I Like.
Now about the flight. After an awkward hand launch, when the aileron control authority helped level out. The Corsair flew fantastically.
Only a few clicks of down trim it flew straight and level. Slippery and on the wing, plenty of smooth maneuverability. Vertical climb on three cells was good but not unlimited it is just a sweet flying aircraft.
I am looking forward to building another one.
I highly recommend the FT-Corsair for all with a little experience.
Looking forward to the next master series build. Thanks!
Saturday, Jun 22 2019 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
Hey FT guys! Keep up the awesome work. I sure appreciate the resources you have made available to me to reignite my passion for flight.

I have built a few balsa kits 20+ years ago.

First of all I built the Corsair from plans using DollarTree foam board. I printed the plans and traced out all the parts then cut them out with a hobby knife to make my own “kit”. So I can’t comment on fit of the speed build kit sold here. I can however comment on the build process and flight characteristics.

Following the build video after watching it at least twice was quite simple and straightforward. I paused a lot as I went through the build, and had a great time learning to work with foam board. This might not be the right plane to learn foam board, but I took my time and followed the directions explicitly. No deviation. I am delighted with the results and plan to build another to apply what I learned from my mistakes for next season.

I installed the power pack C, it arrived as advertised at the time, I was not expecting a radial motor as another reviewer was. Quality of all supplied parts was excellent.

Flight characteristics are great with 3S. Very controllable and landing just a few steps away is consistently possible. Stall is straight ahead mushing and very predictable. No tip stalling as others have reported. All basic manoeuvres are possible. It handles windy conditions very well for a plane of this weight(mine ended up 1lb 12oz). 30km/h winds do not shut me down, though it’s just not as fun as light winds.

I plan on trying out a 4s pack later.

Always gets positive comments at the field, most don’t realize it’s foam board.
Tuesday, Mar 26 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
I’ve done the research on this, and have flown a few prior, but your pre fab kit is by far the easiest, and also smoothest way to do this. If anyone else is interested in making a plane your own, check out the videos, and plans these gentlemen have created. Amazing work, fellas.
Saturday, Mar 23 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
I love this plane. It flys so scale. It's just a typical old lazy warbird. And I'm saying that in a good way. However in my short time flying this plane I have noticed one major down fall. It tip stalls. That means that at low speed it can suddenly and without warning have one of its wings drop and roll hard right or left very violently and the only way to get out of it is to go full throttle and wait until it gains enough lift to level out. It loses up to 5 meters of altitude and it does this mostly on approach to landing. This plane is not for beginners. But for the intermediate to advanced flyers, this is an awesome fun plane to fly. Especially if you put landing gear on it like I did :)
Thursday, Feb 28 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
One word.WOW!!!!!! I have been waiting for this. It is amazing. You guys are awesome.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Nov 18 2020 (6 months ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
Hello all, I started getting back in to building planes again recently due to my 8 year old son liking planes. Have been building balsa wood plane and came across the flite test foam planes. Started watching there tech channel doing all the builds. Always wanted to built a Corsair, so I purchased it and it’s has been one the coolest build ever. Also being my first foam build . Just seeing it take shape in a fraction of a time then putting balsa wood together is great. I built right along with the video, had very minor issues, nothing that couldn’t be fixed. Also contacted support a few times and the were always quick to respond. I have purchased more easier build to get for my son . we are going to be build a lot this winter. Please keep up the great work, love your product. Looking forward to purchasing more. 10 stars for you support . I have not flown yet. Still need to get a transmitter.
Verified Owner
Sunday, May 24 2020 (11 months ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
Very nice aircraft. I currently reside in Minnesota and it it’s windy most of the year. This plane is a bit squirrelly in the wind but it manages very well. I am running this on the old C Pack non-radial with a 3 cell 1800 battery and it has plenty of power. May consider upgrading to the radial with a larger battery. Josh does a good job of explaining the need for nose forward weight on this design. The battery I have used gives a decent CG but a little lite weight would reduce some forward trim.

I agree with some of the comments regarding the video editing. My recommendation is to watch each and every step of the process fully before completing that process. I made some minor mistake just simply due to my impatience and wanted to complete a step. Just take your time and it’s an easy build.

Very happy with the outcome.
Verified Owner
Sunday, Apr 5 2020 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
This was my first master build and my 6th FliteTest build. John does a good job in video, but he is no Josh. The plane went together with no issues, but I did have to watch video many times, and stare at screen to answer some questions that John missed. I took my time and finished in 4 settings. All in all, the build was fun and rewarding. I learned some new techniques. My vertical stabilizer is a little wobbly, but works. The plane flies AWESOME! I have no issues with wing drop at slow speed. It loops and barrel rolls with ease. It does not lose too much altitude with rudder turns. Wing overs are almost natural. Flying upside down is fun. It is, hands down, my favorite plane to fly. I am using 4 cell 2300 and 2200 mAh batteries and getting 9 minutes of flight. I installed fixed landing gear and have learned to bring it in with speed. I highly recommend this plane for intermediate to expert flyers. It is amazing!
Verified Owner
Saturday, Mar 7 2020 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
Hi FT fans and the team.

Thanks for bringing such a beautifully crafted aircraft to the community.

It was fun to build overall and definitely love the new shaping techniques, it just makes for a nice plane that makes you want to fly it.

I found a few areas a bit tricky in the build:

- Not convinced by the little wires as pushrods, very hard to get them moving freely and in the end I had to use a bbq squewer to reinforced the elevator wire or we were not going to be flying too well
- I would love to see a removeable wing, most things usually need a tweak inside or two
- My fuselage slightly twisted and by gosh, I really tried to match up the notches

I covered mine with shrinkable model covering, a lot of extra work but I think it really transforms it to the look and performance of more expensive construction and I suspect it improves durability without the weight you get with paint.

Flying weight was 840g, running a 2200mah, 3s, 2312 motor, 10 x 5 prop - this combo works well.

But it's the flight that matters and I'm thrilled with it. I'm a fairly new pilot and so I took it to our club to get it maidened and trimmed (I could have done it myself but the build took long enough for me to want to minimise any first flight disasters). Our club president had the controls and I hand launched it. We were waiting for the usual tussle but this baby just gently climbed with wings level before he could even think about the fact that he wasn't doing anything!

Looking forward to many happy flights and go support FT with this fantastic plane.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Feb 26 2020 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
First, I must say that it's after coming across Flite Test site, their videos and their funny DIY build kits that I got interested in RC planes (well, when I was a kid I always accompanied my father who was flying RC planes, but that was long ago).

The FT Corsair was my first build and the first plane I ever flew.

The build video is of great help. I watched it once entirely before to order the kit and then I followed the instructions step by step during the build process. There are a couple of reversed sequences in the video, easy to figure out.

However, the instructions didn't prevent me from making a mistake: I wrongly glued the vertical stabilizer too far backwards. I was misled by the small mark on top of the fuselage, where I negligently inserted the BBQ skewer. After a few swear words, I managed to cut the fin out and I re-glued it at the correct location. It's less clean than it could have been, but it's ok...

I improved the leading edge of the wing by gently rounding it with an iron, then I applied paper packing tape along the edge.

Recently, I replaced the original black canopy with a transparent one that I made by shrinking a soda bottle over a plug. Looks great!

The plane flies nicely. It is not too fast with 3S batteries and it looks beautiful and gracious like a bird, like an old lazy warbird as others said. Perfect for a newbie like me! (I'm skipping a couple of rough landings here)

I plan to order another one for my girlfriend who likes this Corsair too (I'm lucky, I know :-). Hers will probably have another color scheme than my navy blue. Bright colors, I guess. I'm sure it'll look nice too!

Thanks to Flite Test team for proposing this kit. I'm now waiting for John Overstreet to design a nice Bf 109...
Monday, Feb 10 2020 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
I have just been building this plane from download plan and watching the build video. I notice that there is an error in the Video as the same part is fitted twice. Josh first shows the fitting of the engine tray early on and glues it in place talks about lining it up and then towards the end shows the building of the same part and fitting it in place again. There is only room to fit it once and it’s the same as John has parts on the table that he has not assembled yet they show them all made up. Also with the formers all in place it shows one still on Johns table. Good kit and good instructions just these little points the first one is the main one. Wish u guys were in the uk and had better distribution to the UK. Maybe I could be your uk stockist.

Peter Biggs
Verified Owner
Thursday, Sep 26 2019 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
Great plane Build was not the easiest I have done But after getting the feel for the bending and learning the hard way to keep my fingers out of the glue I ended up with a very nice model. Now which one to buy next.
Saturday, Aug 3 2019 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
Built two Corsairs so far. These are my first totally scratch built planes. The instructions are great, the printed plans are spot on. Made a spar mod and a detachable wing mod to facilitate internal access to electronics and ease of portability. Eager to fly ASAP.
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 4 2019 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
This build required a lot of focus but it was extremely rewarding. I would HIGHLY recommend the speed build kit as this model really requires each piece to be cut perfectly for it to fit together well. Took out for a maiden and it is a blast!
Verified Owner
Monday, May 6 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
This is a very nice flying airplane. Plenty capable for some aerobatics without being too fast (on 3S) and handles windier conditions quite well. Yes, it is tip-stally at low speeds, but carrying a 1/4 power on descent and then cutting at flare has prevented stalling and broken props.
The build is straight forward and the video is helpful for showing the techniques. Only confusing part was the power pod steps/integration were out of sequence. For kicks and looks, you can 3d print a radial engine face to serve as the ballast for the 3S system.
Verified Owner
Friday, May 3 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
Mixed feelings about this kit.

First of all, if you’re willing to commit a lot of hours into building this kit, you can have a really nice airplane. Once mine was painted (I also added LEDs and other slight customizations), my F4U immediately began to garner admiration and praise from everyone who laid eyes on it...including total strangers walking by on the sidewalk outside.
Sadly, I can’t review it’s flight characteristics, for I live in a city where good flying days are few-and-far-between, and I have yet to Maiden her.

My complaints are this: (1), despite the repeated mention/promotion of the new FT Radial motors in both the flight review video and also the build video, my kit did NOT come with one. If I had known that I would not receive the Radial, I would not have purchased the kit! I have my own motors and electronics, and could have saved the expense. I can’t help but feel cheated by Josh and the FT team, and therefore I’m unlikely to purchase any more kits from them.
(2), the build video was poorly edited. For some reason, they leapfrog around in the assembly process. For example: the installation of the motor pod into the cowl is shown far before the process of assembling the pod itself. So unless you watch the entire 2+ hour video prior to assembling the kit, you’ll be lost. Perhaps this sloppy editing was a result of them dealing with the big move to Edgewater, but now that that’s over, a re-edit is sorely needed!

I want to believe Josh and the crew at FT are good people, but this being my first experience with their products, I feel a bit disappointed. That being said, perhaps admiring my beautiful Corsair will help me eventually get over it. ;)
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 30 2020 (9 months ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
Arrived Damaged. Outside of shipping box was not damaged.
So it appears the kit shipped as damaged.

Sent request in to service.
Zero response from FT.
Waiting on responses for a few other issues (missing components, damaged kits) Zero response on those too.

FliteTest service/support has gone to zero.

I've stopped buying from them.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Mar 27 2019 (about 2 years ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
How much is this guy supposed to weigh? Just curious before I build it to see what motor I want to use, and if I have room for some added reinforcement weight.
Verified Owner
Saturday, Jun 15 2019 (about a year ago)
Flite Test Corsair Master Series Electric Airplane Kit (1168mm)
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