Fioroni Quattro 4-Shoe Adjustable Clutch System (2 Ergal/2 Carbon)

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This is the Fioroni “Quattro” clutch system. Guaranteed to satisfy the arising demand of a four shoe clutch, the "Vario" Clutch System is reliable, durable and moreover adjustable. This clutch system features a 32mm flywheel, and includes two 'ergal' aluminum shoes, and two carbon composite shoes.

The principal characteristic of the Quattro four shoe clutch system, more than its standard quality, is related to the ability to adjust its working characteristics without changing springs like on standard clutches. Rotate the tightening cap that closes the clutch to one of two positions in order to increase or decrease the spring preload and, consequently, the engagement point of the clutch.

Fioroni Ultra Racing Option Team parts are used by top level factory drivers worldwide, because the world’s best drivers will settle for nothing but the best aftermarket accessories. They know that Fioroni is synonymous with precision, quality, and world champion performance, offering durability that can be relied on. This clutch is used by Hot Bodies factory driver Ty Tessman. If the world’s best drivers rely on Fioroni, then you know its good enough for you!

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Verified Owner
Monday, Feb 8 2010 (about 8 years ago)
Fioroni Quattro 4-Shoe Adjustable Clutch System (2 Ergal/2 Carbon)
I brought this form amain and the outer diameter is 32 mm it is a good clutch works best for me on the second setting . The only brob is getting a clutch bell to cover the shoes as the kyosho bell wont cover the shoes . I am using a protec bell ofna mugan style . the other thing is the flywheel on this clutch bell is very narrow like the turbo sliding flywheel so unless you pack the crankshaft with spacers behind the flywheel the clutchbell wont come foward enough to line up with the spur gear so you need a clutchbell that is a littel extended as I dont like to to many shims behind the flywheel . I havent tried the foroni clutch bell but the protec ofna mugan bell is fine . I use this on my mp9 . -//- If you use this on the mp9 the standed mp9 bell will not fit as it wont cover the shoes
Thursday, Jun 10 2010 (about 8 years ago)
Fioroni Quattro 4-Shoe Adjustable Clutch System (2 Ergal/2 Carbon)

I believe its 34mm. MBX6 uses 34mm whereas MP9 uses 32mm and I just dont know how come they have recommended this for MP9!
Kijana Crichton
Wednesday, Jun 9 2010 (about 8 years ago)
Fioroni Quattro 4-Shoe Adjustable Clutch System (2 Ergal/2 Carbon)
can some one tell me the diameter of the flywheel.. i have used fioroni clutches before and looking at this for my next purchase
James Griffin
Verified Owner
Monday, Jun 7 2010 (about 8 years ago)
Fioroni Quattro 4-Shoe Adjustable Clutch System (2 Ergal/2 Carbon)
I have a couple of these on my Nova based motors in Xray cars, it's a lil tight on the buggy for clearance on the bump-box but the feel of the clutch is exactly what what I'm looking for, nice punch on the bottom, but great control in the mid to upper rpm range with the it on the lighter setting, was a lil to snapy in the higher setting. the standard Xray clutch bell is about .5mm to short to cover the shoes completely. I found some clutch bells from RC Pro Products that cover it completely and work great so far. I've gotten an easy 2 gallons from these shoes before I replaced them and I replaced them only for a 30min. main, wasn't taking any chances.