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Thursday, Aug 30 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Express Motorsports "RT Beast" Brushless Motor (17.5T)
Fast and torquey! I run it in my Losi 22T, and when you find the perfect gear ratio, you will dominate with this unit. I picked mine up at the track from another racer for cheap- now I'm hooked on Express- check out the Express D3.5 as well. I find this one has a bit more torque than the Express D3.5, and the 3.5 has more top end. NOTE: the solder tabs looked like they could flex between the fiberglass mount and the end cap, so just for extra of piece of mind, I cut a thicker piece of cardboard from some other parts packaging and stuck it in the gap and retightened the end cap. This made it insulated and rock solid. Overall solid motor. Highly recommended.
jon ruiz
Verified Owner
Thursday, May 10 2012 (about 4 years ago)
Express Motorsports "RT Beast" Brushless Motor (17.5T)
One of the best motor around has great top speed, and great amount of torque I dealt with customer service he was ok, nothing great, but great product